A series of dance experiences are coming your way too

In the last 10 years, Sigma Contemporary Dance has grown from strength to strength, championing the arts locally and globally as an independent dance company with full-length works, online performances, workshops and participation in international dance festivals.

And even as it celebrates its milestone event of lasting a decade in Singapore, the dance company continues to give back with new performances and programmes this year-end.

First, happening in November is their sixth full-length performance Civil Twilight, a meaningful piece that takes inspiration from the actual twilight phase. Reflecting on duality and the opposing states of day and night, Artistic Director and Choreographer Hong Guofeng examines transitions through movements and motions.


Then, their celebration continues with 12.ance, the collective’s third and most ambitious collection of dance experiences to date. Not just a series of workshops like before, this year’s event is a six-day intensive programme for dance enthusiasts and pre-professionals that culminates in a studio performance, 13 classes, three workshops, four works-in-progress, as well as a live-streamed improvisation jam between dancers and musicians.

So mark your calendars for these exciting opportunities presented by none other than Sigma Contemporary Dance, to join them in commemorating a very special 10-year anniversary.

More information available here.