Sikhs in Singapore – A Story Untold runs from now till Sep 30

Little is known about the local Sikh community’s long history in Singapore, but things are about to change with the new exhibition, Sikhs in Singapore – A Story Untold.

Happening from now till Sep 30 at the Indian Heritage Centre (IHC) in Little India, the special showcase invites visitors to gain a deeper understanding of this small but prominent Singapore Indian community by featuring its lesser-known stories in various ways.

First, the exhibition will trace the Sikh community’s origins through the segment Roots—from its beginnings at the crossroads of civilisations in the Punjab to the birth of the Sikh faith. Then there’s Settlement, a presentation of narratives offered by Sikh migrants in Singapore which reveals the background of the nascent original community and some of its prominent members.


Finally, learn about the lived experiences of today’s Sikhs as Contemporary Perspectives highlights the ever-evolving Singaporean Sikh identity and the community’s contributions to the nation.

As the IHC’s first-ever exhibition spotlighting the Sikh community and the second community co-created exhibition, A Story Untold features more than 450 artefacts, the highest number of items for any special exhibition at the museum to date. That’s largely thanks to the contributions from over 50 local and international private collections, institutional collections of 17 Sikh organisations in Singapore, as well as Singapore’s National Collection.

Many of the artefacts were also sourced from the public during a collection drive held in June 2020, which called for stories, photographs and artefacts from the community’s personal collections.


In addition to the displays, visitors who enjoy photography will also want to check out an installation at A Story Untold, Through the Lens, which reimagines the Sikh identity against the backdrop of multicultural Singapore. In the visual exhibit, 50 young Sikh adults are seen alongside iconic Singaporean landscapes.

As if that’s not enough, museum-goers will also be delighted to know that a specially-commissioned trilogy of films titled Being Sikh will even feature modern perspectives on three aspects of Sikh heritage in Singapore—the role of women, tradition and faith.

There’s plenty to learn about the local Sikh community, so embark on a meaningful journey of discovery when you head to the IHC from now till September.

Sikhs in Singapore – A Story Untold runs from now till Sep 30 at the Indian Heritage Centre. More information available here.