SAM heads to National Gallery Singapore to stage brand new exhibition The Gift

The notion of gift-giving is symbolic and significant—not only does the act lend meaning to otherwise ordinary objects, it also transforms relationships and spotlights social obligations. Now looking further into the concept of gifting is the ever-perceptive Singapore Art Museum (SAM), with its latest showcase The Gift.

Held at National Gallery Singapore’s The Ngee Ann Kongsi Concourse Gallery from Aug 20-Nov 17, The Gift is presented as one of four related exhibitions in an ongoing transnational project titled Collecting Entanglements and Embodied Histories initiated by the Goethe-Institut.

Drawing inspiration from the project’s themes of history and storytelling, SAM’s new exhibition focuses on the nature of relationships, influences and affinities.

, SAM heads to National Gallery Singapore to stage brand new exhibition The Gift
Credit: Singapore Art Museum

So explore multiple works from collections of SAM and partner institutions such as Galerie Nasional Indonesia, MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, and National galerie Indonesia, as pieces like Energiestab (Energy Staff) (1974) by Joseph Beuys and Salleh Japar’s Born out of Fire (1993) will be on display.

While the former embodies key aspects of the artist’s influential practice, the latter is inspired by Japar’s travels to Australia and draws on universal symbols that are familiar across cultures and belief systems.

The Gift then delves into the very nature of exchanges (think gestures, value, expectations and reciprocations) with artworks like Donna Ong’s The Caretaker (2008) which extends the history of the Friendship Doll Project of 1927 (an exchange of dolls between Japan and the United States as a symbol of goodwill and their close friendship).

As for complementary programmes, there will be plenty. Online art experiences will help audiences connect with themselves; fascinating stories will be told and even curator as well as audio tours will be held.

So head down to SAM’s latest show—Christmas is arriving early this year.

More information available here.