Discover meaningful talks, workshops, live and digital programmes over four days in April

Following last year’s cancellation of A Tapestry of Sacred Music, the annual Esplanade music festival that celebrates musical expressions of faith is back to offer more.

Happening from Apr 1-4, A Tapestry of Sacred Music 2021 seeks to gather artists from various communities to share their spiritual and cultural journeys through their love of music. While the topic of religion and spirituality can be a sensitive one, rest assured that Esplanade will present it all tastefully and elegantly, simply spotlighting beliefs and devotions.

So look forward to understanding a myriad of cultural expressions practised by communities all over the world, in a secular setting.

First, enjoy Morimur: Bach's Secret Epitaph wherein listeners will experience melodic tunes conveying sorrow, intercession and acceptance as an ensemble of an all-Singaporean vocal quartet and baroque violinist recreates melancholic pieces by renowned composer Johann Sebastian Bach.


Then there’s Sikh Kirtans which is presented by Gurmat Sangeet Academy at the Central Sikh Gurdwara Board which delves into the religious practices of the Sikh Kirtans. In this two-part performance, participants are invited to witness a prayer of protection and a contemplative simran—all featuring traditional Sikh instruments like the rabab, taus and dilruba.

Also mark your calendars for the Taoist Ceremonial Arts by Taoist Orchestra Singapore. Offering a vibrant selection of music that typically accompanies Taoist rituals, the first and only Taoist orchestra in Singapore will showcase an energetic performance of wudang taiji, otherwise known as Taoist martial arts.


But that’s not all. Talks and workshops will be on the programme as well, such as Craftsmen at Work which invites all to check out craftsmen participating in a traditional demonstration. To see the full list of programmes, head to Esplanade’s festival page here.

A Tapestry of Sacred Music 2021 runs from Apr 1-4 at Esplanade. More information available here.