Time to make another trip down

If you’ve enjoyed the insanely instagrammable Future World at ArtScience Museum, you’ll be pleased to know the permanent exhibition by Japanese art collective teamLab has gotten a slick refresh—with 10 new artworks and a fifth gallery. First opened in Mar 2016, the digital art show is enhanced and refreshed from time to time. This edition brings the digital artwork count to 19 works, up from the previous 15.

Inside, the Nature galleries have been completely rebuilt, and comprise six artworks in a new series titled “Transcending Boundaries” that explores the relationship between people and nature. Like most teamLab masterpieces, the individual artworks respond to visitors’ movements and behavior around the work; a centerpiece six-meter high cascading waterfall changes at your touch via digitally programmed water particles, designed to produce an accurate simulation of real water falling. In another work, an ecosystem of flowers blooms and dies with the seasons, while digital butterflies grow in number with more people entering the room. Because teamLab’s approach is to also provoke thought when exploring the relationship between humans and nature—beyond just getting a good picture—little details like the butterflies dying when touched are added, as a sobering reminder to visitors of the destructive side to humanity.

Universe of Water Particles, Transcending Boundaries

What a Loving, and Beautiful World

Sketch People

Impermanent Life: People Create Space and Time, at the Confluence of their Spacetime New Space and Time is Born

The most significant addition to the exhibition, however, is a new fifth gallery: Sanctuary aims to provide visitors with a quiet haven to contemplate, away from the other galleries (and life), and will showcase a rotating roster of seasonal artworks. Kicking off the roster is the Southeast Asian debut of one of teamLab’s newest works, Impermanent Life: People Create Space and Time, at the Confluence of their Spacetime New Space and Time is Born—a mouthful that translates to interactive cherry blossoms blooming and scattering around the room.

The new show opens its doors to the public Sep 1, and is one of three major exhibitions at the ArtScience Museum to look forward to before the year ends. Let’s be real, we all know what this means: time for an Instagram refresh.