But for now, you can view the art inside an actual home

What comes to mind when you think of Colombian art? Bold colours and strokes, maybe; but likely not a cubic rendition of Ai Wei Wei. Medellin-born artist Juan Fernando Foronda’s intricate paintings of the solemn Chinese artist-activist are just a few of the Colombian contemporary artworks now available in Singapore, thanks to a new art gallery keen on expanding its cultural presence.

Ai Wei Wei by Juan Fernando Foronda

ARTitude Galeria is the first Colombian contemporary art gallery in Singapore, and the pet project of British collector Holly Turner. Having lived in Singapore since 2011, she took a shining to Latin American art in 2014, and noticed a gap in the art buying scene here. Thus she founded Artitude Galeria at the end of 2017, to represent and showcase emerging and established Colombian artists.

Today, the gallery buys, sells and consigns Colombian and Latin American art—through private showings and exhibitions. The latest, coinciding with the gallery’s official launch, is a fantastical curation of Magical Realist artworks. Magical Realism: A Colombian Art Movement pays homage to the literary style “Realismo Magico” popularised by Colombian novelist and Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The artistic style melds imagery from ordinary, everyday life with elements of fantasy, for eye-catching creations that certainly bring to mind Pop Art. On show then are neon paint-splattered photography paintings from Walter Cano Cruz, pandas in space courtesy of Nataly Rodriguez Martinez, and some truly surreal works from Walter Zuluaga Restrepo involving Converse sneakers.

Colombian Allure by Walter Cano Cruz

Pequeno by Walter Zuluaga Restrepo

La Luna by Walter Zuluaga Restrepo

For this show, some artists were even invited to create pieces unique to Singapore. Juan Carlos Cepeda’s pop culture-heavy artworks, for one, feature Marina Bay Sands as part of the painted skyline—one even has Superman looming over the recognisable silhouette. It's all part of Turner's effort to increase awareness and appreciation of Latin American art in Singapore, and promote cross-cultural ties in the art scene. 

Superman by Juan Carlos Cepeda

MBS At Night by Juan Carlos Cepeda

The works, which will hang in Turner’s home foreseeably for the next month, will eventually make their way to a permanent home on Pagoda Street. While the gallery space is still receiving its finishing touches, though, interested buyers can make an appointment with Artitude Galeria to view the exclusive pieces as they are; and really, there’s no better way to visualise prospective art in your own home than seeing it on the walls of an actual house.

ARTitude Galeria is located at 31B Pagoda St. To make an appointment, call 9837-1977 or find more information here.