FAQ For Participating Restaurants

[ If you are a diner interested in making a reservation or learning more about Top Tables Champions, please see bktoptables.com/champions/about ]


What is the minimum commitment and the pricing structure for Top Tables Champions (TTC)?

Asia City Media Group (ACMG) recommends the following:

  (1) “Quoted Base Price” of B1,500 for set dinner menu.

  (2) Dining Period: 7- to 10-day period at the end of March.

  (3) Minimum of 5 tables per night.

However, the above are recommendations and participating restaurants are welcome to suggest alternative prices, dates and menus/concepts for ACMG approval using the sign-up form.


When does the dining period begin?

March 21. We are recommending March 21-31 for most venues, but the dining period runs through April 7 to accommodate some restaurants.


When is the booking period?

Booking is open to the general public (other credit cards and non-subscribers) on Monday, March 4. Booking for Citi card members is February 27-March 3

What is the booking process?

All dinners are reserved and paid for in advance. Diners make bookings through the Top Tables Champions website. The booking process takes diners to a “widget” of our reservations partner Chope to check availability and then to process payment (via credit card processing service Red Dot).


Will same-day bookings (the same day as the reservation) be accepted?

No. The system is set up to allow bookings only up until 24 hours before the reservation. However, if you would like to allow same-day bookings, please notify us at champions@asia-city.co.th.


I have a walk-in customer who would like to purchase my Top Tables Champions menu. What should I do? 

Chope support (support.th@chope.co or LINE: @chopethsupport) can assist you or the diner to make the purchase. If you would like to make a booking on behalf of a customer, you can go to the Top Tables Champions website and pre-pay via credit card on behalf of the diner. 


How are prices shown to diners? Does the restaurant receive the “++”?

All prices will be shown on the Top Tables Champions website as “++” to the diner with a note that reads “Plus 10% booking fee and 7% VAT. (Note: 7% VAT is calculated after 10% booking fee is added.)” On the Chope booking widget and Red Dot payment processing, the full price will be displayed — ie, B1,765.5 when the Quoted Base Price is B1,500. The restaurant receives “+” 7% VAT but not “+” for service. If the restaurant wishes to add a service charge, this should be factored into the Quoted Base Price. 


What are the fees / how much does the restaurant receive?

Restaurants that have met the Terms & Conditions of Participation will receive for each booking:

  (a) The Quoted Base Price minus 10% fee to ACMG; plus

  (b) VAT calculated on quoted base price minus 10%.

Here’s an example of how much the venue receives based on B1,500 menu:

  (1) Venue receives Quoted Base Price minus 10% (B1,500 – 10% = B1,350)

  (2) Venue also receives 7% VAT (7% of B1,350 = B94.5)

  (3) Total payment to venue of B1,444.5 (B1,350 + B94.5)

What is the process and timing for venues to receive payment?

After the completion of Top Tables Champions, ACMG will inform restaurants of the total due. Restaurants will then need to submit an invoice to ACMG for this amount. For restaurants that meet the Terms & Conditions for Participation, the full amount will be transferred to the restaurant’s specified bank account within 14 days. ACMG will require your bank account information for the transfer. Alternately, we can issue a check. Information for invoice: Asia City Online (Thailand) Ltd, tax ID 0105544114837


What is the notification process for diners?

Diners receive 2 email notifications from Chope: (1) a confirmation email immediately after a successful booking and (2) a reminder email on the day of the scheduled dinner.


What is the notification process for restaurants?

After a successful booking, Chope will notify the restaurant by email and/or notifications can be sent by SMS to up to 3 mobile numbers. In addition, bookings can be viewed in the Chope dashboard. 


My customer contacted me and asked if she can pay cash. Can I make the booking for her?

If you would like to make a booking on behalf of a customer, you can go to the Top Tables Champions website and pre-pay via credit card on behalf of the diner. You can then transfer the booking to the diner (see below). Please note that under the Terms & Conditions of Participation, all Top Tables Champions venues must agree not to sell their Top Tables Champions Menu directly to customers during or before the Top Tables Champions dining period (March 21 – April 7).


My customer contacted me and would like to change the date of the reservation. Is this possible?

Yes. Each confirmation email contains a self-service link for diners to edit their reservation details (name, date, time). If the new requested time is available, the diner can make the change. Changes can be made only up until 24 hours of the original reservation or up until 24 hours of the new requested time. (Note that 24 hours is the default setting but may differ among restaurants.) For assistance, contact Chope customer service (support.th@chope.co or LINE: @chopethsupport). 


Is a reservation made for one venue transferrable to another venue?

No. As pricing and the type of meal is not the same for all restaurants, bookings are non-transferrable between venues.


Are bookings transferrable to another diner?

Yes. Each confirmation email contains a self-service link for diners to edit their reservation details including the name of the diner. For additional assistance, the diner who made the original booking should contact Chope support (support.th@chope.co or LINE: @chopethsupport).


What is the refund policy?

All Top Tables Champions reservations are non-refundable. However, if a diner purchases a seat and cannot use it, we encourage them to email us at champions@asia-city.co.th and we will do our best to find another buyer by posting on our social media. (During BK Restaurant Week, we had nearly 100% success finding buyers using this method.)

If my restaurant is fully booked one night, can I close reservations on Chope on that night?

We understand that such a situation might arise; at the same time, we remind you of your commitment to Top Tables Champions (minimum number of bookings and covers per day), and ask you in good faith to try and honor that commitment during the dining period. If you suddenly find it impossible to honor your commitment to us on a given night, we request that you honor outstanding bookings or provide other options for the customer to dine on a different date that are acceptable to the customer. If you and the customer cannot agree on an alternate date, we will refund the customer’s payment in full but you will be charged the booking fee plus additional fees we incur from Red Dot or other transaction fees as a result of the cancellation. For any changes to availability, contact Chope support (support.th@chope.co or LINE: @chopethsupport). 


Are diners required to print the confirmation or reminder email or display it on their device?

No. Upon arrival, diners should identify themselves by the name used to make the reservation. Only if the reservation cannot be verified with the name provided by the diner should restaurant staff request to see the confirmation email or reminder email. For assistance, contact Chope support (support.th@chope.co or LINE: @chopethsupport).


Why are some reservations made by “ACMG – Complimentary”?

All participating venues must agree to provide 2 complimentary covers with no special conditions during Top Tables Champions only, for use at the discretion of Asia City Media Group, parent company of Top Tables Champions. These are booked into the system as placeholders, made under “ACMG – Complimentary” until the diner’s name is known. If you have questions about these bookings, contact us at champions@asia-city.co.th.


Where can I find general information about TTC?

For general information about TTC, see bktoptables.com/champions/about.


How long am I expected to hold the table for late TTC diners?

Each booking confirmation includes a phone number provided at the time of booking to contact diners who do not arrive at the restaurant at their scheduled time. We request that restaurants hold the table for 30 minutes if they are unable to reach the diner.


What are the Terms & Conditions of Participation? 

(1) “The Restaurant” agrees to honor bookings made through ACMG and Chope during the “Dates of Participation” as agreed upon, so long as bookings do not exceed the Maximum Bookings and Maximum Covers Per Day as agreed upon.

(2) “The Restaurant” has created the special Top Tables Champions Menu exclusively for the Top Tables Champions promotion and will not sell the menu BEFORE or DURING the Top Tables Champions dining period, which runs from March 22 to April 7.

(3) “The Restaurant” will not accept bookings & payment directly for their Top Tables Champions Menu and instead refer diners to the Top Tables Champions website or email (champions@asia-city.co.th) for bookings.

(4) “The Restaurant” agrees to the Fee Structure as explained on this page.

(5) “The Restaurant” agrees to provide 1 complimentary dish for EACH diner at the table if a Citibank card was used to purchase the dinner.

(6) “The Restaurant” agrees to provide 2 complimentary Top Tables Champions covers with no special conditions or limitations to ACMG for ACMG to use only during the Top Tables Champions period.

(7) “The Restaurant” agrees that violation of any of the Terms & Conditions on this page may result in penalties that may include any of or all of the following: (a) removal from participation in Top Tables Champions, (b) late payment, (c) partial payment, (d) no payment.