Vue Privee Artist of the Month, Stefen Chow

Capturing images is… a form of meditation.
Art is… like wine. You swirl and observe it more if it is more expensive.
Home is… where the heart is. Right now, it is in Beijing, where she is sleeping upstairs.
Love is… the things that flutter the heart. It is witnessing the incredible landscapes of industrial, or to see life as you have it in front of you.
When there is light… I don’t sleep.
Shadows are… what makes half of a picture. Or more.
There’s a fine line between… class and crass.
Sunsets are… a cliche for photographers. Too many sunset pictures on the internet and in the world right now. I would rather see one and memorize it in my heart.
A little known fact about me… I go camera-less on holidays and off days. It is important to refresh the eyes and not constantly peer through a little box.
Learn more about Chow and his work at his exhibition, Imperial Awakening.