Pandan chiffon cake guide: Our top 5 picks for the best in Singapore

Delectable pandan chiffon cake at local bakeries
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As Southeast Asia’s answer to vanilla, pandan has lent its grassy sweetness to some of the tastiest, most eye-catching desserts we’ve had. From modern artisanal cakes and pandan-infused egg tarts to classic kuehs, its unique flavour has truly withstood the test of time.

One of Singapore’s perennial favourites, the pandan chiffon cake features a perfect balance of pandan’s aroma and chiffon’s airy texture. Below, we list five of the best places in Singapore for the perfect slice of fluffy cake.


51 fiveone degrees

Pandan cake recipe with fusion techniques

Located in Toa Payoh North, this bakeshop fuses French and Peranakan methods to create their hot-selling bakes that typically sell out by noon. Their pandan chiffon cake is a bestseller for good reason, highlighted by an old-school flavour that harkens back to simpler times. Light, and with the right amount of fluffy texture that chiffon cakes should have, its spongy mouthfeel makes it easy to gobble up a few slices at one go.

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Address: Toa Payoh N, #01-1113 Block 203, Singapore 310203
Opening Hours: Mon–Fri, 12pm–6pm


Bengawan Solo

5 best pandan chiffon cake Singapore

It’s hard not to mention this stalwart whenever pandan chiffon cakes are mentioned. As one of the original cakes sold in the very first Bengawan Solo Cake Shop in 1979, they are made with aromatic fresh pandan juice extracted from whole pandan leaves and freshly squeezed coconut milk.

The result? A distinctly milky and sweet taste often lauded as the best in Singapore. Knowing tourists often buy a box of these go-to cakes as a delicious slice of Singapore for friends and family back home.

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Address: Islandwide
Opening Hours: Varies by outlet


Cheng’s @ 27

Gula melaka pandan cake

The Cheng family’s story began in 1943, in a kopitiam at Pekin Street before transforming into the modern Hainanese zi char restaurant they’re known as today. The secret to their heady pandan chiffon cake lies in its quality ingredients of freshly pressed pandan juice, organic extra virgin coconut oil, and a special technique that gives their gula melaka its nuanced flavour and characteristic brown. Made fresh daily, the cake also features less amounts of flour, sugar, and other common preservative-laden essences found in other chiffon cakes on the market.

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Address: 27 Yong Siak St, Singapore 168654
Opening Hours: Daily, 9am–9pm

Dulcet & Studio

Unique pandan chiffon cake recipe

The pandan chiffon cake here uses the purest essence of the tropical pandan plant – by blending chopped pandan leaves before hand-pressing their juices to acquire the bright green liquid. Its slew of quality ingredients includes imported Hokkaido milk and Japanese flour, making for a buttery texture that will make you crave more with each bite.

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Address: Islandwide
Opening Hours: Varies by outlet


Delicious pandan cake in Singapore

Best known for their pandan waffles, this homegrown bakery franchise also serves up a straightforward, fuss-free pandan chiffon cake. Full of flavour yet easy on the palate, the cake boasts a savoury nuance of subtle coconut undertones. With 39 outlets scattered around the island, PrimaDeli is an accessible and wallet-friendly pick for comforting pandan cake.

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Address: Islandwide
Opening Hours: Varies by outlet

The best Pandan chiffon cake around
Whether you’re getting it from a neighbourhood bakery, or from a high-class patisserie with imported ingredients and unique spins on their recipes, that familiar pandan flavour is iconic in Singapore. These five spots will help you get your fix of this traditional treat.