Fries with crazy toppings are the next big thing in Singapore

Truffle fries may still be a popular item on the menu, but it seems like pimped-up versions with unusual toppings ranging from kimchi to mentaiko and even marshmallows are quickly taking over. From good ol’ salted egg yolk to pork floss, here’s where you can satisfry your cravings.

1. Black Tongue Bistro & Bar

Salted egg cheese fries


2. Chicken Up

Kimchi fries with shredded chicken

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3. Grub

Mentaiko fries

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4. Redpan

Char siew chili fries


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5. Redpan

Chicken floss truffle fries

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6. Sin Lee Foods

Salted egg sweet potato fries


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7. Sync Bistro

Kimchi cheese fries

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8. Tanuki Raw Bar

Wham fries, with sweet potato, salted duck egg cream sauce, sour cream and marshmallows

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9. Vatos Urban Tacos

Kimchi carnitas fries, with braised pork, kimchi, cheese, sour cream and Vatos hot sauce


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10. Wolf Burgers (Pasarbella)

Sweet potato fries with S’mores