HeyTea opens its second outlet, and there’s alcohol

Bubble-tea aficionados, if you’ve been in those notorious hour-long queues for Tiger Sugar or Hollin, you’ll want to get ready to queue for the hottest new arrival in the bubble tea scene. A regal and sleek new addition to the long line of bubble-tea empires bubbling up, the original inventors of cheese tea has launched a second outlet along nightlife hub Clarke Quay.

, HeyTea opens its second outlet, and there’s alcohol

, HeyTea opens its second outlet, and there’s alcohol
HeyTea interiors 

On first glance, you just might mistake it for a high-tech gadget store, what with its sleek white interiors and wooden beams across the ceiling. Modelling after Clarke Quay’s history as a key location for maritime trade, the outlet was specifically designed around a lighthouse theme. With bright lights and a clean white colour palette, it makes for a modern and classy spot you can drink your bubble tea in.

It’s not just the interior design that it models after Clarke Quay for; you’ll also get a taste of alcohol while satiating those cravings for chewy pearls. Introducing Singapore’s first-ever in-store tea laboratory, Tea Geek Bar creates a specially-curated menu for alcoholic appetites with six special blends, including two Singapore-exclusives, alongside two alcoholic ice creams.

In time for Lunar New Year and the arrival of spring, you can order yourself a Spring Fling ($16), featuring refreshing jasmine green tea infused with lime and smashed mint leaves, paired with white rum. If you want something a little fruitier to quench your thirst, Scarlet’s Heart ($16) is a pretty watermelon-pink tipple that combines the mellow sweetness of fresh fruits with cognac brandy, with hints of floral fragrance from jasmine green tea. Topped with a wedge of pineapple and a layer of foamy egg white, it’s a cocktail you’ll definitely want to put on the ‘gram.

, HeyTea opens its second outlet, and there’s alcohol
Singapore-exclusive Special Blends 

For a little more indulgence served light on the palate, The Royal’s Romance ($22) marries smooth vodka with fragrant osmanthus oolong tea, with a zesty tang from fresh lemons. Bringing in the chewiness that makes bubble tea so lovable, stir the bottom of the rich red tipple for sea coconut and mangosteen flesh.

, HeyTea opens its second outlet, and there’s alcohol
Singapore Sling 

It’s not just tea they mix alcohol with. Get the iconic Singapore Sling ($5.50) cocktail in soft serve form. Or if it’s the strong malty flavours of beer you’re looking for, the Guinness ($4.50) is made with Guinness Irish Stout and King Fone ice cream, infused with the flavour of oolong tea for a refreshing pick-me-up.

With a plethora of cool drink combinations up their sleeve, housed in a clean sit-in space you can chill at with friends, HeyTea’s not here to be your run-of-the-mill bubble tea chain. Apart from their sleek interiors and novel alcohol-tea concepts, their opening hours run unconventionally from 12pm to 1am too, so you can satiate any late-night bubble tea cravings straight after partying. It’s definitely one worth queuing for.

HeyTea’s second outlet opens 12pm-1am at #01-06, 3A River Valley Rd. More info here.