Swap your clothes and get pre-loved outfits at the new Swapaholic pop-up shop

Hands up if you bought clothes but never wore them, or have items in your wardrobe that scream “what were you thinking?”. Perhaps it was because you packed on the pounds or your style has changed—whatever the reason, these items are probably the cause of a cluttered closet.

Shopping for fast fashion may be exciting but it sure isn’t doing the environment any favours. While we squeal at the latest seasonal drops and gush over how affordable they are, producing them usually comes at an environmental cost. The frequent turnover and manufacture of cheap garments often result in water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and carbon dioxide emissions.

So how can we get rid of unwanted items, stay on-trend yet satisfy our desire for new clothes without feeling guilty? Try swapping. It’s a concept that social enterprise Swapaholic champions. It aims to help “declutter and refresh your closet, without hurting your wallet and our planet”.

Circular fashion in action

Swapaholic swap parties used to be held at various locations in Singapore during pre-Covid days. Now you can swap to your heart’s content at its first shop located at Orchard Central—perfect for “swapaholics” who prefer the physical retail experience. Officially opened on Oct 1, the shop plans to be around for a year.

, Swap your clothes and get pre-loved outfits at the new Swapaholic pop-up shop

Credit: Swapaholic

How it works: Bring your clothes and accessories in good condition to the store. Men’s and kid’s items are accepted too. Make sure they are not dirty or torn, for they will be rejected immediately. Each item will earn points. You can use these points to swap for the items in the shop. Due to social distancing measures, you are highly encouraged to make an appointment before going down.

Note that you need to pay a fee of $4.50 for the first 10 items ($4 for the next 10, and $3.50 for more than 21). Swapping is not exactly free but hey, you are technically getting a new outfit for a fraction of what it normally costs.

Alternatively, you can also shop online on its store here. There are also various plans that include pick-up and delivery of items if you prefer to stay home.

Swapaholic is at #04-07 Orchard Central, open Mon-Sun, 11am-10pm.