Concoct this classy chendol cocktail at home using Singapore-made gin

There’s nothing quite like the sweet taste of nostalgia. And with this cocktail recipe by local home bar Section D, you’ll create a drink that not only reminds you of the traditional chendol dessert, but also one that allows the base alcohol to shine.

Aromatic, sweet and intense, the Old Chendol is made using just five ingredients. First pound and muddle gula melaka and Angostura bitters together until syrupy. Then add a pandan leaf ribbon into the mix and muddle further. Pour a small amount of soda water to the concoction and stir before pouring the mixture into a glass filled with ice cubes.

Now add 30ml (45ml if you like it stiffer) of local distillery Compendium’s Chendol Gin into the glass. Give the drink around 20 rotations so that the components properly combine together, before garnishing it with a stalk of pandan leaf for greater olfactory satisfaction.

It’s called an Old Chendol because the steps are similar to that of creating a classic Old Fashioned, but is made using gin, palm sugar and pandan leaf instead of whisky, regular sugar and orange peel. The use of bitters remains, while the soda water is added to better tie the flavours together.

Feel free to tweak the proportions to taste and enjoy.