Up your soju game with this lychee and yuzu cocktail recipe

Soju—everyone’s favourite Korean spirit that’s often drunk neat, with yakult or with watermelon juice. Whether you genuinely enjoy its flavour or am just enamored by Korean drinking culture after binging on the latest K-pop series on Netflix, there’s no reason not to elevate your soju drinking game up a notch with this cocktail recipe by local home bar Section D.

The Lychee Yuja Soju concoction is fruity, citrusy and packs a punch behind its sweetness. First blend lychees (3pcs), yuzu jam (1 tspn) and a dash of fruit vinegar (roughly 5ml) together. Then pour the mixture along with non-flavoured soju (60ml) and Lyre’s Non-alcoholic Dry London Spirit (30ml) or a botanical gin like Hendrick’s (15ml) into a shaker filled with ice.

Shake well and empty the contents into a glass or small jug and enjoy as you see fit. We recommend keeping the drink chilled with ice. And don’t worry about diluting the drink too much as it is a rather potent drink to begin with. Pair it with Korean fried chicken for an epic themed night. Cheers!