6 best meal plans and delivery services for healthy, nutrient-dense meals

, 6 best meal plans and delivery services for healthy, nutrient-dense meals
Soul Grub

A healthy delivery meal plan is a great option for those who are unable or unwilling to prepare their own meals, let alone count calories. 

Providing an ideal balance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, these nutritious precooked meals only require a quick reheat. Not only do they contain the right amount of macronutrients and micronutrients for optimal health and well-being, they are also convenient, save you time and money, and reduce food waste. The services below will help you to eat well and feel good every day. 

Green Kitchen

, 6 best meal plans and delivery services for healthy, nutrient-dense meals

Founded in 2021 by Michelin-trained chef Maxamillian “Max” Mepham, Green Kitchen’s menus are designed by him and his British partners, Adam Bateman and Kyle Redfern, also Michelin-trained chefs.

The proteins are organic and free of allergens and preservatives; the prawns grow without feed in mangrove forests in Southern Vietnam; and the sustainable greens come from a local urban farm.

Reviewed by a dietitian and longevity expert, and a nutritionist, the 300 dishes inspired by South America, Europe, North and Southeast Asia feature grain bowls, salads, stews, grilled meats, and more, in compostable boxes. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals are prepared separately.

GK Rendang with low-GI rice, crispy shallots, and coriander, and Caribbean Dream with pineapple jerk BBQ prawns are popular items. For vegetarians and vegans, jerk bean patties replace the prawns. Rice, salsa, grilled peppers, and spicy rocket accompany both.

Green Kitchen offers four customisable meal plans – Balanced, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, and Vegan – in standard, large, and low-carb sizes. There are also Bespoke Personalised Meal Plans. 

Subscriptions range from $182.40 for a three-day plan to $389.70 for a 20-day plan, excluding GST. GK’s professional kitchen is located at 105 Jalan Kembangan, where you can pick up meals or have them delivered for $24.

For more details, visit greenkitchen.co.

Soul Grub

, 6 best meal plans and delivery services for healthy, nutrient-dense meals

Using the freshest ingredients, this meal plan provider delivers nourishing and wholesome Asian and Western meals.

Food is more than sustenance to Soul Grub’s founder Casey Ng; it nourishes body and soul. Also believing that healthy food doesn’t have to be bland, it offers three weekly meal plans (five to 15 meals per week, complete with a calorie count) to meet clients’ lifestyle needs. Between $85 and $194, there are two portion sizes: standard and performance, the latter being ideal for customers with high activity levels.

Breakfast options include Lavender French Toast with Honey. Bibimbap with fresh vegetables, fluffy rice, and gochujang is among the lunch dishes. Chinese Fragrant Braised Beef Noodles, and Mexican-Style Chicken with Rice, Beans & Salsa are dinner dishes.

For more details, visit soul-grub.com



, 6 best meal plans and delivery services for healthy, nutrient-dense meals
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YoloFoods champions healthy eating for everyone, including young ones. YoloKids will encourage your kids to eat healthily and enjoy food without you racing to prepare, cook, and clean up later. The Parent Pack Bundle is $67.90 for eight meals, including Creamy Chicken Lasagna, while the Double Trouble Pack is $134.90 for 16 meals.

The wellness-focused meals are designed by experts and meal categories include Protein Up with Optimum Nutrition, Muscle Building, Asian Meals, and Vegan/Vegetarian.  

Subscription packages are available for five, 10, and 30 days. Cajun Orange Chicken with roasted sweet potato and charred corn comes in the Low-Calorie Pack (Lite) for $77.90 (seven meals). The Weight Loss (1000kcal Pescatarian Combo of 14 meals for seven days, $216.90) includes Teriyaki Salmon with brown rice, kimchi and edamame. The Bundles & Packs offer a cost-effective solution for weekly nutrition needs, all packed frozen for freshness and safety, and delivered at once.

For more details, visit yolofoods.sg.



, 6 best meal plans and delivery services for healthy, nutrient-dense meals

AMGD stands for Ahhmahgawd! and is about how good the brand wants customers to feel after eating its portion-controlled meals for improved health and nutrition.

AMGD believes that when you eat well, you live well. Dietitians and nutritionists curate every menu using nutritious ingredients. Its passes help you budget for every meal. The more credits you purchase, the more you save. The Overjoyed Passholder pays $80 for five meal credits, making each meal worth $16. A Gold Passholder with 100 meal credits saves over $500 by paying $12.50 instead of $17 per meal. Delivery fees and GST are excluded.

Select your meals from over 400 options based on your lifestyle: Student, Weight Management, Athletic Performance, and Low GI. 

The Top 50 menu items include It’s Not Nemo (steam-baked barramundi, tomato salsa, salad, grilled capsicum, egg, cherry tomatoes, apple wedges, blueberries, and lemon), Bad Habits Goodbye with spaghetti, shredded grilled chicken, bergedil cherry tomatoes, bonito flakes, walnuts, and roasted sesame dressing, and Zero Sugar Assorted Blackout Brownies.

For more details, visit amgd.sg.




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At Prepbox, it is all about nutritious, balanced meals to improve and sustain good health in the long run. The chef-curated meals are delivered over the weekend, and the menu changes every Thursday. 

Signature subscriptions include Southern BBQ Pulled Beef Rice with cajun-style dirty rice, mixed beans and olive, and summer succotash. An average count of kcals, protein, fats, and carbs accompanies each meal.

The Keto-Friendly low-carb, high-fat diet plan meals are an average of 550kcal per meal (30 percent protein and 50 percent fats). Dishes include Pepper Crusted Smoked Duck Noodles with edamame, mushrooms, and sesame shoyu dressing. 

The Calorie-Friendly subscription’s meals contain an average of 430kcal per meal and dishes include French Basque Chicken Stew with saffron mixed grain rice and vegetables.

From five meals per week at $16 each to 10 meals per week at $15 each, your checkout bill (excluding GST and delivery) reduces when you order more. Everything is chilled and delivered in one go. 

For more details, visit prepbox.sg.

Yummy Bros

, 6 best meal plans and delivery services for healthy, nutrient-dense meals
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With Yummy Bros, healthy eating is delicious, convenient, and enjoyable. Active lifestyles are important to the partners behind this successful outfit. Their motto: “Eat for the body you want, not for the body you have”.

To maintain your willpower, the brand re-invents Asian dishes to be healthier, customised, and nutritious while still being tasty. Meal webpages also include macronutrient and calorie information, so you know exactly what you’re eating.

In contrast to other subscription services, Yummy Bros, which recommends eating at least two of its meals daily, lets you choose how much you want to spend. In the downloadable, templated meal planner for five meals at a go, you can select proteins, vegetables, carbs, and portions for your lifestyle – Intense Weight Loss, Moderate Weight Loss, Build Lean Muscle Mass, and Maintain Your Physique. 

Dishes include Yummy Truffle Tofu ($8. 50), Yummy Salted Egg Chicken ($10.90), and Yummy Thai Pesto Fish. All come with two vegetables. Whenever you click on a dish, it breaks down the calories, fat, carbs, protein, and sodium content.

There isn’t a plan per se, but it suggests ordering meals in bulk to save time, effort, and money. Storage, thawing, and reheating instructions are provided. 

To calculate the total cost, plus delivery and GST, add your orders to the shopping cart after you have completed your meal plan.

For more details, visit yummybros.com.