6 Best Restaurants to check out in Singapore this Dec 2022

December may be a month of overwhelming festivities and celebratory promotions, but there’s never a time where the foodie in us stops searching for new dining experiences – even as we enjoy the festive treats all around. Here are 6 new restaurants to check out this month for that extra culinary indulgence.


Black Fairy Sushi & Grill

, 6 Best Restaurants to check out in Singapore this Dec 2022

Situated within Clarke Quay and open till late, Black Fairy Sushi & Grill not only offers a delicious Japanese dining experience, they’re also poised to become the next go-to supper destination with comforting supper fare. The first Gyu Sushi specialty restaurant in Singapore, foodies get to indulge in plates of mouth-watering Wagyu-grade sushi at incredible prices! While there, warm your stomach with their specialty Zosui cooked in a savoury dashi broth or go for the ramen selection with their rich tonkotsu soup base and nicely charred char siew. Also be sure not to miss out on their Signature Pork Ribs, a result of the culinary team’s years of experience perfecting char-grill techniques.


Menbaka Fire Ramen

, 6 Best Restaurants to check out in Singapore this Dec 2022

Back and better than before: the spectacular Menbaka Fire Ramen returns to The Centrepoint with a truly unforgettable Triple Fire Experience this month. Witness your meal prepared before your eyes with jaw-dropping effects, headlined by their internationally-renowned Ultimate Fire Ramen, which features both Aburi pork belly and chashu bathed in their new and improved 228 Years Shoyu pork broth. Then move on to the Salmon Batayaki, where 700g of freshly salmon is wrapped around a bamboo pole, basted with flaming oil, and braised with a blend of sake, kirin, and shoyu. The final act introduces Menbaka’s new kushiyaki concept with decadent meat and seafood skewers grilled to perfection atop a Japanese Binchotan grill.


Sui Yi Gastrobar

, 6 Best Restaurants to check out in Singapore this Dec 2022

Unlike your run-of-the-mill gastrobar, the new Sui Yi Gastrobar – conveniently located at The Riverwalk – is a vibrant destination that serves up a delectable Modern-Singaporean menu curated by the stellar chefs from JUMBO Group’s culinary team. Head over to enjoy your meal alongside the best Mandarin live music as you dig into highlights such as a Salted Egg Prawn Chin appetiser, Chilli Crab Shooters, Wok-Braised Pig Trotter Bee Hoon, and more! For a more intimate party, private karaoke rooms are also available for reservation so you can sing your hearts out with your buddies.


Tara Thai

, 6 Best Restaurants to check out in Singapore this Dec 2022

Dedicated to presenting only the freshest of modern dining experiences, Chef-Owner Darwin Ong offers gourmands in Singapore a new take on Thai cuisine with Tara Thai. Featuring a wide selection of contemporary Thai fare filled with a distinct innovative flair, the menu presents unique and unforgettable dishes that overflow with a perfect marriage of culinary finesse and authentic Thai flavours. Highlights you don’t want to miss include the bold Ant Egg Tom Saap, Deep Sea Spiny Lobster Thai Braised Glass Noodle, Tara’s Salt Baked French Cod, and (of course) Tara Signature Tom Yum. Joining in the festivities this season, they’ve also launched a one-of-a-kind Thai Omakase experience for a bespoke and refined encounter with Thai classics. Choose between a 7-course degustation and 9-course degustation menu to embark on this mouth-watering culinary journey.


The Chinoiseries

, 6 Best Restaurants to check out in Singapore this Dec 2022

Cooking up a storm inspired by the bold and beautiful culinary interaction between the East and West, The Chinoiseries offers a unique private dining experience unlike others you’ve tried before. Born out of a deep-rooted passion for unconventional dishes and the best ingredients from Europe, their French-Asian cuisine is marvellously showcased through a delectable 5-Course Tasting Menu featuring flavours of the season’s peak produce. Looking for more to indulge your party this year-end? Festive options like a 3-Course Foie Gras, Fruits de Mer & Fromage Menu are also available upon request.


Waa Cow! Yakiniku

, 6 Best Restaurants to check out in Singapore this Dec 2022

Known for their irresistible cuts of premium Wagyu and other fresh delicacies, Waa Cow! Yakiniku is stepping up again this month to elevate their affordable offerings even further by teaming up with two local butchers to offer diners a wider range of top-quality beef, including some of the rarest and most unique cuts for that unforgettable grilling experience. Their newest offerings include the Rib Cap – Deckle, Inside Skirt, and Eye Round cuts from Jack’s Creek’s prized Wagyu cattle, as well as A4 Kainomi, Karubi, Jo-Karubi, Sasabara, Harami, and Nakochi Karubi cuts from Kagoshima’s famed Satsuma Gyu. Looking for even more? They now also offer interesting seasonal beef offals such as the Mountain Chain Tripe and Canoe Cut Bone Marrow.