Baker X goes ‘Around the World in Bakes and Sweets’


Baker X, the initiative by Far East Organization to encourage home-based bakers who wish to explore scaling up into full-fledged outlets, has unveiled a thematic line-up for the second half of 2024.

Called “‘Around the World in Bakes and Sweets”, the cafe at Orchard Central presents four home bakers who will showcase a diversity of sweet treats, from Japanese confections to Chinese classics to French pastries. 

The journey begins in Japan with wagashi, a traditional dessert with over 2,000 years of history. From now till Aug 18, Love For Wagashi founded by Dionne Ho is offering a selection of too-pretty-to-eat handcrafted treats. 

Hakoniwa and Summer Nerikiri
Hakoniwa and Summer Nerikiri

On sale is the bestselling Nerikiri (from $7), many of which are shaped into motifs like hydrangeas and sunflowers. They come with a variety of fillings such as the original white bean paste, azuki (red bean paste), yuzu and matcha.

Also on offer are crowd-favourite Daifuku ($5 to $9) featuring fresh seasonal fruit layered with white or red bean paste, and Yuzu Sake Anmitsu ($8.50) with yuzu sake kanten jelly, azuki bean paste, chewy mini dango, fresh yuzu peel, and a drizzle of yuzu sake.

, Baker X goes ‘Around the World in Bakes and Sweets’
Ichigo Daifuku and Yuzu Anmitsu

Love For Wagashi also introduces the Hakoniwa (from $12) in celebration of its third birthday. Perfect for gifting (or as a treat to yourself), this “miniature garden in a box” comprises a fluffy sponge cake base artfully adorned with hand-piped bean paste flowers.


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Retailing exclusively for dine-in at Baker X is the Raindrop Cake ($6). Also known as the mizu shingen mochi, this crystal-clear, jelly-like dessert is served with kinako and kuromitsu (Japanese black sugar syrup). 

After Japan, travel to Europe from Aug 20 to Oct 13 with Pastry Haven by Helen. Find an assortment of classic pastries hailing from France and Italy like madeleines and financiers. 

Next in line are Chinese traditional pastries and Singaporean heritage delights. From Nov 1 to Dec 9, Pastories presents its range of well-loved bakes such as Wife Cakes, Egg Tarts, Almond-Sesame Marble Cake, and more.


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The last resident baker for “Around the World in Bakes and Sweets” is Cassia Caneles. Look out for an exciting array of caneles made in 50 different flavours, rotated daily from Dec 11 to Feb 5 next year.


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Baker X is at 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #04-29, Singapore 238896.