Beast & Butterflies introduces new Mediterranean dishes and DIY Gin

Creating a flamboyant social space that consistently satisfies all senses and cravings, Beast & Butterflies serves up an acclaimed menu that marries the best of Asian and Western influences, charging forward as a leading representative of modern Asian cuisine.

Tucked along the vibrant Robertson Quay, they’re now all set to bring us straight into the heart of the Mediterranean region with a new dining experience that showcases a gastronomic affair inspired by gems from the region’s coastlines.


, Beast & Butterflies introduces new Mediterranean dishes and DIY Gin


Dig into fresh and naturally delicate flavours, enhanced with a touch of playful whimsy, with classic creations like a show-stopping Salt-Baked Whole Red Snapper seasoned with herbs and stuffed with lemon slices for added flavour.

Other highlights on the fresh menu include appetite whetting offerings of Tomato & Burrata Salad, Beef Tartare, and Pancetta & Spinach Salad.

Perfectly complementing the experience, foodies will also get to indulge in an array of authentic Singaporean flavours and Asian favourites alongside their Mediterranean creations. Go for the irresistible Crab Meat Bee Hoon, served in a stone pot and flavoured with milky crab broth, or have the Chilean Seabass Claypot, where succulent slices of Seabass is caramelised in a rich, sweet sauce with Shimeji mushrooms.


, Beast & Butterflies introduces new Mediterranean dishes and DIY Gin


Bringing it round to a perfect finish, don’t forget to have the refreshing Classic Meringue Lemon Tart with Lime & Lemon Sorbet in Italian Liquor and Lime Jelly, along with their decadent Bana-Misu and Gin & Tonic Cheesecake for dessert.

Elevating their dining experience even further, Beast & Butterflies has also partnered with the award-winning Citadelle Gin to present an exclusive Make Your Own Gin experience every Monday and Tuesday evening. Diners will get to create their own personalised gin concoctions with Citadelle’s Original and Jardin d’Été gin, tonic, and an extensive range of toppings to give your drink a unique twist every single time.


To find out more about Beast & Butterflies and their new offerings, head over to their website here.