Berlin65 embraces the best of the German city’s multicultural food scene

Berlin65 - The 1972 Berlin Original
The 1972 Berlin Original

People who are unfamiliar with the German food scene will probably think it’s all about pork knuckles, sausages and beer.

Don’t tell that to Austrians Lorenz Raich and Stephan Zoisl, who have opened a casual restaurant called Berlin65 on Stanley Street (the “65” is an obvious nod to Singapore’s country code).

, Berlin65 embraces the best of the German city’s multicultural food scene
The train-themed interior of Berlin65

Like the charming metro stations in Berlin, they envision the restaurant as a culinary train ride. Diners are invited to embark on a journey inspired by the distinct flavours of the city’s 12 districts where they can enjoy a multicultural fusion of dishes amid a lively atmosphere and good vibes.

, Berlin65 embraces the best of the German city’s multicultural food scene
The menu consists of German classics, Asian street food, and Middle-Eastern dishes

Flavours of the metropolis
No, there is no pork knuckle here, but there are satisfying German classics, Asian street food, and Middle-Eastern dishes.

Berlin65 - Watermelon & Cherry Tomatoes
Watermelon & Cherry Tomatoes

Start with Simit Bread ($4.50), a Turkish ring-shaped delight paired with a spicy tomato dip, and the refreshing Watermelon & Cherry Tomatoes ($18) with sliced onions, basil, mint, parsley, and a sprinkle of feta cheese. Alternatively, opt for authentic German Pretzels ($4.50) dipped in lye and served with butter.

Berlin65 - Currywurst

The Mezze dishes on the menu are designed to be shared. Hearty options include a homely Königsberger Klopse ($16), handmade meatballs with veal and beef bathed in a traditional white roux with tangy capers; and Currywurst ($16) featuring two plump pork sausages covered in rich, homemade German-style curry. Both are available as a part of a mezze to share, or as a main ($22, right) with a side of fries. 

Berlin65 - Banh Mi Doner Kebab
Banh Mi Doner Kebab

The kebab is Berlin’s much-loved street food, which is why it features prominently on the menu. Among the trademark Doner Kebabs are The 1972 Berlin Original ($18) with spit-roasted chicken, lettuce, tomato, and a garlic yogurt dressing; and Banh Mi ($18), a unique fusion with chicken, pate, pickles, sriracha, coriander, and an assortment of vegetables. 

Berlin65 - Adana Kebab
Adana Kebab

Then there is the Adana Kebab, Hailing from southern Turkey, these grilled hand-minced meat skewers are a mainstay of Berlin’s Turkish food scene. At Berlin65, it is served with fragrant basmati rice, shredded onions and pickles. Try the Mixed Beef & Lamb ($26) with two side dips, garlic yogurt and tangy tomato sauce.


End the journey with the signature Berliner (right, $8), a fluffy, golden-brown donut filled with either vanilla bean custard, strawberry jam and apricot jam. 

Berlin65 - Homemade drinks-2
Homemade drinks

As for drinks, there are refreshing homemade coolers, ayran (a traditional Turkish yoghurt drink similar to lassi), ciders, beers, cocktails, and a collection of international wines. Berlin65’s tap choice is BRLO Pale Ale Draught, a full- bodied, fruity beer that’s exclusively imported and available on draught in both 0.3-litre ($8) and 0.5-litre ($12) servings.

Berlin65 is at 30 Stanley Street, Singapore 068739.