Binary celebrates one year of inspired dining with revamped menu

A young gastro-bar boasting a unique experience, Binary’s astronomically-inspired concept and approach has definitely made an impact with local gourmands and foodies. Revolving around the theme of “two” and duality, their menu allows diners to seamlessly choose from or even mix both Asian and Western culinary offerings within the same seating – or even the same course. Keeping true to traditions from either side of the globe, their impressive dishes highlight the authentic culinary heritage and flavours of each respective style.

Come Feb 24, Binary will enter a new chapter in their journey as they cross their first-year milestone, and they’ll be celebrating the occasion with the launch of a revamped menu.


, Binary celebrates one year of inspired dining with revamped menu


Keeping up with their binary approach, the new menu will similarly showcase distinct flavours from both Asian and Western cuisines, masterfully curating an Asian and Western version of a single produce.

Look out for highlights such as Grilled Asparagus, flavoured with house-made egg aioli, grated parmigiano, and salt-cured egg yolk, the vegan-inclusive Impossible Meatball Marinara, and Nachos with homemade sambal tumis and impossible chilli con carne on their Sides menu.

On the Small Plates menu, the Asian Tiger Prawns option is now an elevated Hong Kong-style sesame prawn toast with house-made tiger prawn paste and a drizzle of kecap manis sauce, alongside a new Wagyu Petit Tender selection with either truffles or a savoury char siew sauce.


, Binary celebrates one year of inspired dining with revamped menu


When choosing your mains, go for the Oven-Roasted Whole Spatchcock Chicken, marinated to perfection with either rosemary and thyme, or a tantalising blend of soy and oyster sauce, or the Iberico Presa with a new Vietnamese spice blend approach. Alternatively, dig into stacks of smoked pepper chicken sausage, garlic pork sausages, chorizo swirl, and ketchup tossed mini sausages with your buddies on the Platters menu’s Sausage Feast.

Then end your meals with the decadent Valrhona Dark Chocolate Terrine and Miso Caramel Parfait dessert additions.

With the refresh, fans can also look forward to a new cocktail programme, where novel creations are built upon base spirits or ingredients that are also presented in two distinct ways.


For more information, check out Binary’s Instagram page here.