Black Knight Hotpot brings their delicious soup bases to Singapore

Well-loved for their premium hotpot experience, Black Knight Hotpot arrives in Singapore with the same quality and taste that have garnered huge support and praise from celebrities all over the world.

Making a name for themselves with rich soup bases that go through 16 hours of simmering, prime produce, and fresh live seafood, Black Knight opens on our shores with 7 different tantalising soup flavours for hotpot fans to indulge in.


, Black Knight Hotpot brings their delicious soup bases to Singapore


Available as a single pot or double pot with 2 different flavours, every soup base is cooked upon order for maximum taste and freshness.

They have the Drunken Pot, which marries the best of traditional Chinese herbs with the healing properties of black chicken, the beautifying Fish Maw Chicken Pot that features nourishment from both chicken and fish, as well as the rich Nourishing Beauty Pot, brimming with collagen goodness from dang gui, Euryale seed, poria, barley, pork tripe, and pig trotter.

Spice lovers will love the unadulterated spice in their Spicy Pot, with fresh chillies, silky bean curd, beef tendon, and beef tripe. Alternatively, go for their Pork Tripe & Chicken Peppercorn Pot for a comforting treat with peppery heat.

Find juicy Okinawa pork belly with pickled cabbage and bean curd in their Sliced Pork Pickled Cabbage Pot or enjoy the earthy flavours of taro, the fragrance of spareribs, and sweetness of cabbage in the Taro Spareribs Pot.


, Black Knight Hotpot brings their delicious soup bases to Singapore


To go with their delicious soup bases, their handmade hotpot specials include shrimp and fish pastes, pork dumplings, Japanese Kagoshima A5 Wagyu beef cuts, Australian lamb cuts, and a selection of prized US Prime beef cuts. Classic ingredients at Black Knight Hotpot also boast top-grade quality, featuring must-have orders of fried bean curd roll, fish noodles, lobster meatballs, knife-shaved noodles, and a whole lot more.

For a more comprehensive meal, diners also get options of hot foods like fried spareribs, fried frog’s legs, and braised beef tripe, as well as Singaporean favourites like Chilli Crab, Steamed Bamboo Clams with Minced Garlic and Vermicelli, Salted Egg Cereal Prawns, Mayonnaise Pineapple Prawn, and Steamed Leopard Coral Grouper.


To find out more about Black Knight Hotpot and what other exciting dishes they offer, head over to their website here.