Bord Bia presents a culinary showcase of Ireland’s delicious seafood

Renowned for their sprawling natural environment and maritime stories, Ireland has long been offering us some of the most delicate marine gems to indulge in. In a bid to showcase the delicious bounty from the Emerald Isle’s vast, cool waters, Bord Bia – otherwise known as the Irish Food Board – presents a limited-time Savour Seafood Ireland campaign.

From Nov 15 to 30, diners will get a chance to taste the superior quality and freshness of Irish seafood at select restaurants around Singapore, specially handpicked by Bord Bia.


, Bord Bia presents a culinary showcase of Ireland’s delicious seafood


Look forward to exclusive limited-time menus that will be offering unique creations using plump lobsters from Ireland, Brown crabs, Spider crabs, succulent whelks and more. Owing to the country’s rich surrounding waters, fresh Irish seafood is naturally nutritious and tasty.

With access to the flourishing and diverse aquatic life of the Atlantic Ocean, Irish producers offer some of the widest selections of quality seafood, while also adhering to the country’s national food sustainability programme.


, Bord Bia presents a culinary showcase of Ireland’s delicious seafood


For two weeks, find exclusive creations such as an Asian-style double-cooked Irish Brown Crab claws glazed with ginger and scallion sauce and Baked Irish Sea Whelk stuffed with scallop, prawn mousse and herb crumbs at contemporary fish grill and raw bar Catfish. There’s also Estuary’s comforting Sarawak Bario Claypot Rice, where poached Irish crabs and rice are cooked in a flavour-rich stock with sea urchin and salmon roe, Irish Blue Lobster Spaghettini with Saffron Cream and Lemon, and Irish Whelk Escabeche with Calabrian chilli and Sourdough.

For a quick 3-course meal, Poisson’s menu presents Irish Whelk, Irish Spider Crab, and Irish Blue Lobster, or dine to stunning sea views at Sol & Ora, perched atop The Outpost Hotel in Sentosa with impressive Irish seafood specials to match their stellar experience, including an Irish Blue Lobster Risotto and an Irish Blue Lobster Cocktail with avocado, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes and lemon.


Find out more about Savour Seafood Ireland’s mouth-watering campaign on their website here.