Catch Cherbax Tartyy and their famous mini tarts at Baker X this season

The latest in an exciting line-up of up-and-coming bakers to take over residency at Baker X, catch the popular Cherbax Tartyy home-based bakery from now till Apr 04 for a taste of their famous tarts and mini treats.

The brainchild of Cheryl Lim and John Lau, Cherbax Tartyy specialises in artisanal mini tarts with handmade fillings – perfectly suited for those of us who love a little bit of everything food on our dessert plate. Their wide range of flavours boasts both sweet and savoury options so there’s definitely something for everyone.


, Catch Cherbax Tartyy and their famous mini tarts at Baker X this season


Amongst the many flavours their mini tarts have become known for, go for highlights like the familiar, yet deliciously unique, Orh Nee with Ginkgo Nuts (Yam Paste), Chicken Rendang, and Eggy (Egg Mayo) creations.

Specially for their residency at Baker X, the Mini Tarts are now available in customisable boxes of six pieces, 12 pieces, and 24 pieces. Fans will also be glad to know that they’re also selling their famous Mini Fluffy Brownies in boxes of 12!

If you’re a lover of the umami experience with savoury treats, you won’t be disappointed with the Chicken Rendang mini tart. This delicious gem contains chicken chunks and diced potatoes cooked in aromatic chicken rendang paste. For something spicier, their Curry ‘O’ Curry mini tart packs a punch with curried potatoes in a fragrant spice mix. The ever-popular Eggy mini tart features a creamy mixture of mashed boiled eggs and mayonnaise on a crisp tart shell for those looking to indulge in a time-tested classic.


, Catch Cherbax Tartyy and their famous mini tarts at Baker X this season


Sweets you don’t want to miss out on include the Hazelnut Nutty, Fruity Tutty, and Orh Nee with Ginkgo Nuts (Yam Paste) flavours. Find creamy puréed yam topped with ginkgo nuts for an added crunch with the Orh Nee mini tart, or have a refreshing burst of flavours with Fruity Tutty’s mix of pineapple, peach, and honeydew cubes carefully arranged atop Cherbax Tartyy’s handmade custard cream.

Exclusively available at Baker X, look out for the Durian MSW limited-edition mini tart. Act fast, because there’re only 50 pieces available on weekdays and 100 on weekends!

Freshly baked to order daily, their vibrant range of little gems are perfect for sharing or as a delightful treat to yourself. Just be sure to head over early to grab all of your favourite flavours.


To find out more about Baker X and Cherbax Tartyy’s residency, head over to their website here.