Celebrate Winter Solstice with Soup Restaurant’s exclusive menu

One of the few occasions every year where families come together to celebrate our bonds and appreciate the year that’s gone by, the Winter Solstice is traditionally celebrated with colourful tangyuan and – as with other family gatherings – heart-warming food.

Falling on Dec 22 this year, Soup Restaurant is ready to celebrate Winter Solstice with us and our loved ones with a specially curated menu that warms both the belly and heart.


, Celebrate Winter Solstice with Soup Restaurant’s exclusive menu


Five new dishes make their way onto the menu, with a double-boiled ​​Dried Veg Pork Ribs Soup available for starters. Enjoy the natural sweetness of red dates and tender pork ribs in the soup, before moving on to the Abalone Treasure Pot and Roasted Pine Nuts Olive Rice with Sakura Prawns for flavourful bursts of umami.

Load up on your greens with their Beancurd Skin with Broccoli & Tofu, a nutritious trio filled with Omega-3 and antioxidants. Then round up the feasting with some Peach Gum Tang Yuan in Ginger Soup – a must-have for your Winter Solstice celebrations, symbolising togetherness, harmony, and reunion.


, Celebrate Winter Solstice with Soup Restaurant’s exclusive menu


If you prefer celebrating at home with your family, Soup Restaurant’s Online Exclusive 9-Course Family Set has got you covered. The feast features both classics and the latest additions in their menu, including their Signature Samsui Ginger Chicken, Honey Truffle Pork Chop, and succulent Tofu Prawns. Accompanying each set are their popular Handmade Mini Longevity Buns and a nourishing brew of Homemade Chrysanthemum Tea.


To find out more about Soup Restaurant’s Winter Solstice menu, head over to their website here.