Chef Wan presents a taste of Malaysian palace cuisine at Ginger this season

As our closest neighbour, Malaysian food is definitely something most of us are familiar with. For many, it’s even something that we crave for at times. But much as we aren’t strangers to the delicacies that our neighbour offers, how much have we actually tried?

Bringing us a taste of how it’s like to dine as real royalty, Malaysian Celebrity Chef Wan returns to Singapore this month to present an exclusive menu of authentic Malaysian palace cuisine at Ginger at PARKROYAL on Beach Road’s halal-certified restaurant.


, Chef Wan presents a taste of Malaysian palace cuisine at Ginger this season


Marking his first return in five years, the iconic chef showcases the best of heritage recipes served to royals in Malaysia, taking cue from the various styles across different sultanates and paying homage to his grandmother with her very own recipe. Specially for Ramadan, the experience is available from now till Apr 23. Don’t miss out on Chef Wan in action as he hosts a live cooking demonstration and shares his cooking secrets for fans on Mar 12.

A delicious addition to Ginger’s Ramadan Festive Lunch and Ramadan Dinner Buffet, look out for Chef Wan’s Ayam Percik Kelantan, Rendang Udang Galah Perak, Kuzi Kambing Johor, Laksa Johor, and Kerabu Meehoon Nyonya. Also a geographical journey in its own right, the dishes display influences from different cultures and traders throughout history as we savour dishes from the North to South of the peninsular.


, Chef Wan presents a taste of Malaysian palace cuisine at Ginger this season


From the northern state of Kelantan, the Ayam Percik Kelantan is a punchy chicken dish simmered in spiced coconut milk gravy, then oven-grilled for a smoky char, and finally returned to the gravy to be simmered down to a thick paste before serving. Perak’s Rendang Udang Galah Perak features King Prawns cooked with shallots, ginger, lemongrass, turmeric leaves, dried chilli, and condensed coconut milk.

Arriving at the southern state of Johor, there’s the Kuzi Kambing Johor presents mutton cooked with over 20 ingredients and mixed spices, elevated with a touch of yoghurt for additional layers of sweet and sour notes before serving, and the famed Laksa Johor, a hearty spaghetti dish in fish-based laksa broth made from dried prawns, minced prawns, mackerel fillet, asam gelugur, and more.

A replica of his late grandmother’s recipe, Chef Wan’s Kerabu Meehoon Nyonya serves up a burst of refreshing flavours, tossing rice vermicelli with the likes of sambal belacan, fresh prawns, freshly minced kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, and ginger flower.


To find out more about these time-tested dishes and Ginger’s IFTAR Buffet, visit their website here.