Discover a new foodie destination at Republic Plaza

Of the many wonderful things our island has come to be known for, our CBD and towering skyscrapers have given us and the world one of most iconic skylines in the region. A symbol and representation of how far we’ve come as a country, the district is now more than just a bustling commercial hub. Tucked strategically within this district, Republic Plaza presents a unique F&B destination, especially for those working in the area, to satisfy your hunger and cravings.

Packed with a wide array of choices, both locals and business travellers alike will get to indulge in flavours from around the world under one roof. Whether you’re looking to grab a mix of small bites or dine with your colleagues, their wide selection will leave you spoilt for choice.

Curated to ensure there’s something for everyone, foodies can look forward to new delights such as Pita House’s distinct sandwiches, fresh pasta from Tangled (Fresh Pasta To Go), exquisite bakes from Desem Dessert, Chapayom’s authentic beverages, and even Gloria Jean’s Coffees!


, Discover a new foodie destination at Republic Plaza


Needing no introduction, Pita House’s (#B1-19) time-tested pita bread has been baked daily and served fresh to Singaporeans since 2013. Their amazing pita and authentic Mediterranean flavours, including premium handmade hummus, special dips, and even a vegan falafel, have captured the palate of many a gourmand over the years. When you’re there, don’t miss out on their Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich and mouth-watering Grilled Chicken Sandwich.


, Discover a new foodie destination at Republic Plaza


If you’re simply craving for a treat or have a party to host, Desem Dessert’s (#B1-16) quality offerings and acclaimed flavours have got you covered. Constantly sourcing and blending the finest raw ingredients into their work, their additive and preservative-free creations promise to sweep you and loved ones off their feet. Just take their Grand Marnier Orange cakes for example, you’ll definitely be heading back for more.


, Discover a new foodie destination at Republic Plaza


Alternatively, have a go at something different with Chapayom (#B1-12), where you’ll find an exciting range of novel creations including a fragrant Lychee Rose Tea, Mint Cocoa, Roasted Coconut Coffee, and the rich, silky taste of Thai Milk Tea.


, Discover a new foodie destination at Republic Plaza


For those who are time-pressed, Tangled (Fresh Pasta To Go)’s (#B1-20) got you covered. Presenting freshly made pasta designed for you to grab and go, their pastas are not only fresh and quick, they also present delectable choices of local flavours to enjoy. Made with all-natural ingredients, their distinct pastas offer foodies a convenient bowl of goodness where they’ll find a slew of delicious ingredients tangled in unforgettable dishes, such as their stunning Ooh Lala pasta.

Perfect for a quick catch-up or casual break, Gloria Jean’s Coffees (#02-03) offers some of the best cups of joe to carry you through the day, including highlights such as their signature Irish Nut Creme Latte, Voltage Espresso Chiller, and Rocky Road Specialty Chiller. Prefer something more conventional? Their range of classic coffees are equally popular with coffee drinkers. Slated to open in mid-March, be sure to stay on the lookout so you don’t miss them!

Merely the tip of the iceberg, other highlights to look out for at Republic Plaza include Pokomi’s creative Poké bowls, Kimchi Express’s irresistible Korean cuisine, and many more! Head over now to discover a whole new foodie destination in the heart of Raffles Place itself.


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