Discover and enjoy caviar like a pro at Caviar’s Masterclass

, Discover and enjoy caviar like a pro at Caviar’s Masterclass
Setouchi Bestel Caviar

Caviar is said to be one the most luxurious food on earth – some would argue more so than oysters, Champagne and truffles. Purists willingly drop tens of thousands to have the best, but don’t let the reputation of these delicious orbs nor the prices deter you from trying them. Discover how to appreciate fine caviar at Caviar’s Masterclass at Palais Renaissance.

, Discover and enjoy caviar like a pro at Caviar’s Masterclass
Uni Pasta with Caviar

This luxury delicacy, which rose to fame under Russian tsars and aristocracy, consists of lightly salted or cured sturgeon fish eggs or roe from prehistoric female sturgeon fish. They take around 10 to 15 years to start producing eggs, which is why it is so expensive. Prior to technological advancements, they were killed to remove the eggs, but modern methods do not harm them.

Caviar has a rich flavour and buttery texture, and is high in omega-three fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, including vitamin B12, selenium, and zincThe pearl-sized beads pop as you roll them around and press them against the soft palate or roof of your mouth. 

, Discover and enjoy caviar like a pro at Caviar’s Masterclass
Polanco Siberian Caviar

Considering this, it’s hard to believe caviar used to be a poor man’s food. The Russian fishermen who named it “roe” ate it cold with cooked potatoes every day.

The Masterclass at Caviar, Singapore’s first caviar-centric restaurant, takes place on Wednesdays (6pm to 8pm), costs $288++ and includes dinner. It showcases exceptional varieties, such as Sturia Oscietra from France, d’Eden Russian Siberian and Mottra Finest Sterlet from Latvia, Polanco Siberian from Uruguay, and Setouchi Bestel Crossbreed from Japan.

, Discover and enjoy caviar like a pro at Caviar’s Masterclass
d’Eden Russian Siberian Caviar

During each exclusive session, you will glean fascinating facts about the luxurious roe, including sturgeon species, egg size and colour, and enjoy the unique taste characteristics of highly prized caviar, such as the d’Eden Russian Siberian, complemented by a chilled shot of fine Russian vodka. You’ll also learn what pairs well with caviar, such as the restaurant’s Uni Pasta, Japanese cucumber, dried cauliflower, and rice crackers.

Moreover, an expert team meticulously selects each caviar variety to help you understand the art of pairing them. For a more immersive experience, complement your meal with the Wine Flight $98++ or the Spirits Pairing $78++.

According to owner Jason Ong, the inaugural Caviar Masterclass is a testament to its passion for sharing the art of caviar appreciation. When you have caviar next, you’ll know what quality caviar looks like and how to describe it.

Make like a pro: 5 tips

Presenting caviar makes any occasion extra special. Here’s how to enjoy this delightful dish at home.

1. Serve it chilled, not frozen, in a non-metallic bowl nested within an ice-filled bowl. Small tins eaten in minutes don’t need ice. Caviar never tastes or smells good at room temperature.

2. Avoid metal utensils as they impart a metallic taste. Glass or mother-of-pearl would be perfect.

3. Purists believe nothing should interfere with the flavour of fine caviar. However, typical accompaniments include lemon wedges, sour cream, crème fraiche, hard-boiled eggs, yolks and whites chopped separately, and minced onion.

4. It can also be served on blinis or toast points, or used to garnish dishes such as Caviar’s Uni Pasta.

5. Champagne and unflavoured sparkling, a great palate cleanser, also pair well with caviar.

Caviar is at 390 Orchard Road, #B1-07, Palais Renaissance, Singapore 238871.