Discover your makan tribe and over 20 new hawker stalls at Lau Pa Sat

, Discover your makan tribe and over 20 new hawker stalls at Lau Pa Sat
Hong Kong Street BBQ Live Seafood – Chilli Crab

Inextricably woven into Singapore’s heritage, Lau Pa Sa, the city’s must-visit 24-hour food and retail destination known for quality Asian, Western and Middle Eastern food in an iconic 1894 building, recently opened over 20 new hawker stalls in its 52,000 sq ft space.

, Discover your makan tribe and over 20 new hawker stalls at Lau Pa Sat
Lau Pa Sat Satay Street

Tempt your taste buds with Michelin-recommended dishes
It is not surprising that Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow’s loyal following at Old Airport Road has been making its way here. Each dish is made with love and fried to order following the 30-year legacy of the owner’s mother. It comes with a generous portion of sliced sausages, fish cakes, and cockles, regardless of whether you choose the black or white version.

, Discover your makan tribe and over 20 new hawker stalls at Lau Pa Sat
Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang – Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang Set

Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang serves fragrant coconut rice, grilled chicken with a spicy Indonesian sauce, ikan bilis, and a sunny-side-up. As a husband-and-wife team, the owners met while working in the aviation industry and decided to expand the family’s nasi lemak business.

, Discover your makan tribe and over 20 new hawker stalls at Lau Pa Sat
Dishes from 20 new hawker stalls

Experience authentic Balinese dishes like Ayam Betutu (spiced slow-cooked chicken) served original, fried, or grilled with a Sate Lilit (grilled chicken satay on lemongrass stalk) at The Warung Bali. Owners Juliana, a corporate lawyer, and Wayan Suka, a dive guide, met while diving in Bali and fell in love over home-cooked Balinese food, which they now introduce here.

, Discover your makan tribe and over 20 new hawker stalls at Lau Pa Sat
Ri Ri Hong Mala Hot Pot – Mala Assorted

Love also brought The Viet Kitchen’s owner to Singapore to preserve the legacy of her grandmother’s recipes. Enjoy the taste of Central Vietnam with her Ban Ho Hue spicy-savoury beef noodle soup made with beef bones and real prawn paste from Hue. Additionally, Ri Ri Hong Mala Xiang Guo, a restaurant founded by a 30-year veteran chef, has become the preferred choice for mala lovers. A winning formula of 20 different spices accounts for its success. 

, Discover your makan tribe and over 20 new hawker stalls at Lau Pa Sat
Hua Dee Hong Kong Roasted Delight

Alongside these stalls sit popular brands such as Kallang Airport Wanton Noodles, which serves noodles with juicy pork wantons and thicker than usual slices of char siew. Alternatively, visit stalls run by next-generation hawkers. Try Lu Bian Grilled Fish, consisting of ricefish that’s been butterflied, grilled, and infused with aromatic spices. Also available is Chinese Sauerkraut Fish, whose sour-savoury note lingers on the palate, beckoning you back for more.

, Discover your makan tribe and over 20 new hawker stalls at Lau Pa Sat
Rokus a.g.b – Tteokbokki Burger

Feng Xiang Bak Kut Teh whisks you away to Klang, Malaysia, with its fork-tender spare ribs and herbal bak kut teh broth made with 15 different herbs and spices and boiled for at least four hours. Another must-try is the Sliced Fish Fried Porridge, first cooked in a broth made with dried cuttlefish and other secret ingredients and then fried over high heat for that wok-hei flavour.

Seafood? Head to Flames, helmed by a local chef who earned his stripes working with chefs of Michelin-starred restaurants. Enjoy the smoky hint and pronounced freshness of king prawns, mussels and lobsters in the Ocean’s Platter. Or order an assortment of small plates ranging from crispy enoki mushrooms to chilli bacon fries. Pair your meal with an Italian wine recommended by in-house wine sommeliers.

Then let Tiong Bahru Durian finish off your gourmet experience with its durians and desserts, such as durian mousse and soya bean curd. For the ultimate indulgence, desserts are topped with a creamy, thick purée of 100 percent pure Musang King or D24 flesh.

What’s your food tribe?
Until Oct 10, 2023, Meow Meow, Lau Pa Sat’s mischievous CMO (chief makan officer), will lead customers on a journey to discover old and new hawker gems. 

, Discover your makan tribe and over 20 new hawker stalls at Lau Pa Sat
Meow Meow, Lau Pa Sat’s CMO

For the Fearless Chope Warrior, deftly snagging seats during the lunchtime frenzy while zoning in on the quickest queue
Stalls such as Teck Ee Mixed Veg Rice and Enak Sedap Nasi Kahwin offer a variety of cooked dishes that will satisfy hunger pangs. 

For the supper chiongster on the lookout for the most vibrant after-dark makan spots or the football fan searching for the perfect hang-out to watch your favourite team on the field
Satay Street’s grilled meat skewers and seafood and Lion City Dim Sum’s 24-hour perfect-for-sharing bite-sized snacks are just a few of the comfort foods available. You can also try Seng Kee Local Delights’ Hokkien Mee, Fried Kuay Teow, and Carrot Cake or a comforting bowl of Fuxiao Fish Soup.

For the Kopi Kaki, who always has time for a good coffee or tea over sweetened desserts or savoury bites
Munchi Pancakes’ toppings include green tea red bean, peanut, strawberry cheese, and Thai milk tea. The muffins, cheesecakes, and egg tarts at Butter & Cream Bakery are also delicious. 

For the Hojiak Hunter, tirelessly scouring the city for the best Singaporean hawker dish regardless of the distance
Lau Pa Sat probably has the greatest variety of delightful discoveries on the island.

Eat and have fun here, as there are also plenty of exciting activities and prizes for foodies. Spend at least $10 in a maximum of two combined same-day receipts and redeem Lau Pa Sat coasters made from upcycled disposable wooden chopsticks, Meow Meow tote bags, and Lau Pa Sat thermal mugs at special prices, starting at $2. 

Participate in the Kopitiam Hawker Gems Millions Lucky Draw and stand a chance to win big. Earn one lucky draw chance for every $10 spent at Lau Pa Sat via the FairPrice Group app. From the grand prize of 1,000,000 Linkpoints to 50 consolation draws, there are prizes worth $15,000 waiting for you. For more information, visit here

Take the Makan Tribe Quiz to find out what your makan tribe is and seize the chance to become Lau Pa Sat’s next Makan Ambassador. Also redeem sure-win mystery gifts from Food Folks, or do the Purr-fect Makan Dash, and catch dishes and dodge cones to win $50 Lau Pa Sat vouchers.

Lau Pa Sat is at 18 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048582.