Equate opens their first concept store at Orchard Central

Always on the lookout for new café experiences, fresh coffee, and artisanal treats to accompany your coffee sessions? Here’s one for the list: serving up a brand new experience in the heart of town at Orchard Central is Equate, the first concept store by their founders, born out of sheer passion and deep-seated experience.

With an aim to elevate the local coffee scene, Equate presents a new experiential space where they proudly bring coffee and art together. Easily identifiable, the new store follows in the footsteps of the brand’s style, anchoring the theme of their space with a unique centrepiece – and at Orchard Central, you’ll find two uprooted trees planted upside down in their main dining hall.


, Equate opens their first concept store at Orchard Central


For coffee lovers by coffee lovers themselves, the concept store is Equate’s step forward in their mission to bring artisanal coffee spilling with quality and intention into malls so we no longer have to settle for run-of-the-mill beverages and regular espresso.

Dedicated to serving up cups of craftsmanship, coffee connoisseurs can look forward to espresso-based beverages with Solid Gold, Equate’s house blend. Made up of Brazilian Cerrado and Caldas espresso beans, the bright blend features notes of green apple, grapefruit, and nuts. If you’re going for their Filter Coffee repertoire, you’ll be glad to know that the menu changes seasonally to keep things fresh and novel, and they currently serve a Panama Geisha variety with flavours of fruit cake, rum, dried plum, pineapple and stone fruit, an Ethiopia Guji with notes of berries, oolong, and strawberry, and a Kenya Embu with black currant, black tea, and florals.

For an exclusive treat unique to the store, go for the 50s Brew, a unique concoction of 50% cold brew Earl Grey tea and 50% cold brew coffee.


, Equate opens their first concept store at Orchard Central


Made in-house daily, their all-day menu of exquisite bakes, signature croissants, and even brunch favourites will definitely complete your experience and leave your tummy satisfied. Highlights to go for include their thick-cut Sandos from house-made shokupan and sourdough bread with flavours like Reuben Sando, featuring in-house roasted sliced beef, Chicken Kimchi Sando, Truffle Egg Spam Sando, and a breakfast-inspired Happy Belly Sando.

Don’t forget to try their croissants for a delightful accompaniment with specialty offerings featuring tantalising flavours of praline hazelnut, ondeh ondeh, cinnamon, and more!


For more information on this exciting new concept in town, check out Equate’s website here.