Have a memorable Chinese New Year with the Crystal Jade Group

Known across generations for their consistent quality and comforting Chinese food, the Crystal Jade group now has a presence in almost all corners of our island. Providing everything from quick meals to fine dining experiences, they’ve accompanied us on most days we’re out looking for some good food, and as we enter the Year of the Rabbit, they’ve got us covered with a range of limited-time festive selections across their various concepts and restaurants.


, Have a memorable Chinese New Year with the Crystal Jade Group


At Crystal Jade Palace, Crystal Jade Golden Palace, and the new Crystal Jade Pavilion, fans can look forward to this year’s new Golden Harvest Sea Cucumber Yusheng. A modern reimagination of traditional Shunde-style Yusheng, the new Yusheng uses Australian sea cucumber to give us a light and refreshing platter that’ll whet our appetite for the feast that follows.

Highlights for CNY at Crystal Jade Palace include their refined Poached Chinese Cabbage with Superior Bird’s Nest, Poached Wild Soon Hock in Pickled Tomato Soup, and a Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw & Conpoy om Crispy Hor Fun that’ll definitely make a deep impression. At their flagship, don’t miss out on dim sum specials like Steamed Siew Mai with Abalone and Black Moss, as well as Steamed Crab Meat and Mustard Dumpling, to go with your meal this festive season.


, Have a memorable Chinese New Year with the Crystal Jade Group


For fans of Crystal Jade Golden Palace and their Teochew-style offerings, look forward to a Teochew-inspired CNY with the likes of an indulgent Steamed Boston Lobster with Puning Bean Sauce, Vermicelli & Garlic, Sautéed Eight Treasure Colourful Vegetable Medley, and Pan-fried Pomfret with Radish & Yellow Bean in Teochew style Broth.

Or head over for a waterfront celebration at VivoCity, digging into an unforgettable meal with your family at Crystal Jade Pavilion, showcasing a dazzling and premium menu with highlights such as a Double-boiled Eight Head Abalone Soup with American Ginseng, Crispy Premium Loin Rib marinated with Dang Gui, and Caviar, Roasted Chicken Skin with Pan-seared Foie Gras on Toast.


For more information on the Crystal Jade group of restaurants and their CNY offerings, head over to their website here now.