Have an auspicious CNY reunion this year with Swensen’s

We’re coming right up to the yearly Chinese New Year celebrations, and what better way to welcome the Year of the Rabbit than with the return of our usual gatherings, feasts, and unrestricted reunions. Turning up the heat this festive season, Swensen’s hops onboard the festivities with a new range of CNY exclusives to help us host the most memorable celebrations this year.


, Have an auspicious CNY reunion this year with Swensen’s


The go-to restaurant for many families looking to have a comforting meal and dessert, Swensen’s unveils an auspicious line-up to usher in a prosperous year with goodies that are as delicious as they are visually stunning.

For the traditional tossing of Yu Sheng as we look forward to a greater year ahead, they’re bringing back their popular Abalone Prosperity Yu Sheng, tastefully brimming with a vibrant assortment of 18 premium ingredients including luxurious baby abalones, smoked salmon, shimeji mushrooms, pomelo bits, preserved white and brown melon, as well as golden crispy crackers and wanton skin.


, Have an auspicious CNY reunion this year with Swensen’s


Then make it an extra lucky year with their new Fortune Gold Bar Ice Cream Cake. A truly dazzling display with a shimmering gold exterior that hides mouth-watering pineapple tart ice cream underneath. All good things come in pairs – as these gold bars do – but if you’re up for a quick personal indulgence, Swensen’s offers their Fortune Gold Bar Ice Cream Cake in single portions too!

Elevating your CNY indulgence, look out for the exquisite Abundance Gold Koi Ice Cream Cake with a decadent base of their wildly popular Sticky Chewy Chocolate, and Auspicious Red Koi Ice Cream Cake, made with rich Hokkaido Snow with Yubari King ice cream. Intricately fashioned after the graceful Koi, these beautiful creations will definitely delight all at the table.


To find out more about Swensen’s CNY specials, head over to their website here.