Hitoyoshi Yakiniku indulges meat lovers with prized beef buffets

If you’ve a big appetite, love the indulgent experience of BBQ buffets, and is a lover of beautiful cuts of meat, you’d definitely want to check out Hitoyoshi Yakiniku. Located along the idyllic stretch of The Rail Mall, the authentic Japanese barbecue house presents an experience like no other

Their all-you-can-eat buffet experience overflows with an extensive range of cuts and selections, boasting the most premium of quality meats, including the prized A5 Miyazaki Wagyu beef and U.S. Black Angus beef alongside an array of chicken, pork, and seafood variations.


, Hitoyoshi Yakiniku indulges meat lovers with prized beef buffets


The undisputed hero of their menu, go for their Miyazaki A5 Premium Steak and Dice Cut Steak, or enjoy it as Shabu slices or chunks of VIP Karubi. A Wagyu Olympics champion, Miyazaki beef displays exceptional marbling with a beautifully even distribution, tender juiciness, and a buttery melt-in-your-mouth texture. Available for both lunch and dinner buffets, foodies get to enjoy their decadent selection any time of day.

If you’re up for something other than Wagyu, they’ve got you covered with the U.S. Black Angus Buffet. The most popular breed in the U.S., Black Angus beef are well-known for their reliable and consistently well-marbled, juicy, and flavourful meat.


, Hitoyoshi Yakiniku indulges meat lovers with prized beef buffets


Complementing their beef heroes is a wide selection of equally mouth-watering choices such as Iberico Belly, Iberico Collar, tender Pork Jowl, Chicken Thigh, Half-Shell Scallops, Tiger Prawns, and even Hon Maguro Steak with butter and Salmon Fillet with butter shoyu!

Not planning for a huge feast? Check out their set meals or simply order up one of Hitoyoshi Yakiniku’s curated platters to have a quick taste of the restaurant’s exquisite meat selection.


To find out more about Hitoyoshi Yakiniku and their amazing buffets, visit their website here.