Kanada-Ya presents four new limited-time Mentaiko dishes

Hailing from the small town of Yukuhashi in Fukuoka, Japan, the internationally beloved Kanada-Ya has consistently wowed diners with their rich broths, tantalising ramen, and unique seasonal flavours since 2009. Lauded as London’s no.1 ramen chain, the brand presents a new chapter from Feb 11 to Mar 31 with a showcase of four new Mentaiko side dishes.


, Kanada-Ya presents four new limited-time Mentaiko dishes


Taking ramen lovers worldwide by storm, their Signature Truffle Ramen receives another upgrade this season with the introduction of the Mentaiko Series. Rich with the indulgent aroma of black truffle oil and truffle jelly from black truffle paste, complement your bowl of irresistible ramen with the crispy Mentaiko Fried Chicken and delicious Mentaiko Gyoza.

Each one a stellar dish in its own right, mentaiko lovers will not want to miss this series. Besides succulent chicken cubes and gyoza, there’s also the Mentaiko Fries and Mentaiko Takoyaki to go for.


, Kanada-Ya presents four new limited-time Mentaiko dishes


To mark the exciting season, diners at Kanada-Ya are also invited to test their luck and have some extra fun with their buddies by approaching the restaurant’s staff to request for the Kanada-Ya Tako Roulette challenge. With a minimum order of any two ramen special, diners are presented with a complimentary plate of takoyaki – where one of the takoyaki balls is actually filled with wasabi! Simply snap a photo and tag the restaurant on your social media to enjoy the fun deal and have a good laugh.

From Feb 11 to 14, they’ll also be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a sweet 1-for-1 promotion on their Mentaiko Series so lovebirds get to enjoy something more on their dates this year.

Apart from their Signature Truffle Ramen, the mouth-watering menu also includes other similarly intense flavours to indulge in, including their flavourful Black Garlic and Spicy ramen flavours.


Can’t wait to dig in? Find more information on Kanada-Ya’s website here.