Nagai Hokkaido Cuisine brings their unique Kaiseki to Singapore

Head’s up, foodies: the highly acclaimed Nagai Hokkaido Cuisine from Sapporo, Japan, is bringing their unique brand of Kaiseki cuisine to Singapore. The restaurant – a popular destination for local politicians, celebrities, and even the Prime Minister of Japan and the Japanese Imperial Family – is known for its fresh, scrumptious food and intimate atmosphere.

Spearheaded by Head Chef Makoto Nagai, the son of founding Chef Shinichiro Nagai, their outlet in Singapore promises to transport diners to Hokkaido and immerse them in the true spirit of Sapporo Kaiseki cooking and hospitality.


, Nagai Hokkaido Cuisine brings their unique Kaiseki to Singapore


The restaurant offers four omakase menus with the freshest ingredients sourced directly from Sapporo and air-flown in twice a week, allowing them to feature a tantalising array of sashimi seafood and prime produce, alongside an exquisite sake selection to pair with the dishes.

Making it available to Singaporeans right here on our shores, Chef Shinichiro’s signature Hand-carved Ice Plate Sashimi is one that should definitely be savoured. The exquisite dish is served on a custom-carved glassy rock of ice with smaller blocks chiselled into delicate shapes of a crab, then decorated with edible red gems of the deep sea, including Kinki Fish, Hirame, Akami, Botan Ebi, Kazunoko, Shirako, and more.


, Nagai Hokkaido Cuisine brings their unique Kaiseki to Singapore


In addition to their omakase menus, Nagai Hokkaido Cuisine also offers affordable lunch sets specially for busy metropolitans. Their Premium Kaisen Don is a must-try, topping fluffy Japanese rice with the best treasures from the sea of Hokkaido, served with a side of miso soup, chawanmushi, and pickles.

Other proteins to choose from include the Wagyu Roast Beef Set with delicately sliced Hokkaido A5 Wagyu, Yakitori Set, Tempura Set, and other classic Japanese favourites.

Foodies can look forward an authentic and unfading dining experience at Nagai Hokkaido Cuisine Singapore, showcasing a finesse both true to the renowned Japanese hospitality and the Nagai family’s culinary values.


To find out more about Nagai Hokkaido Cuisine Singapore and their amazing culinary experience, check out their Instagram here.