Numb Restaurant brings modern Sichuanese cuisine to Singapore

Loved by foodies all over for their intense flavours and iconic numbing spice, Sichuanese cuisine has been gaining increasing popularity in recent years. Adding another stellar choice to the local market, Numb Restaurant opens their doors at Marina One to welcome all fans of spice to head over for a hot feast.

Founded by the same people behind Chengdu Restaurant and Chengdu Bowl, the new concept focuses on authentic Sichuanese flavours reinterpreted with contemporary techniques for the new generation of young consumers.


, Numb Restaurant brings modern Sichuanese cuisine to Singapore


Bringing to the table authentic Sichuanese cuisine derived from age-old recipes, the modern menu at Numb Restaurant aligns itself with the changing palate of modern diners to serve as a gateway to trendy dishes from China, such as the Peking Duck in Spicy Sauce, a hot favourite in China that has yet to be introduced to Singapore.

Numb your senses with appetisers like their Imperial Sauced Sliced Beef – in Braised or Numb & Spicy flavour – for flavourful mouthfuls of beef tendon cooked with asparagus and broccoli, and Sliced Pork Belly with Classic Garlic and Chilli Sauce featuring premium pork belly cuts drizzled with homemade chilli sauce then topped with garlic and fragrant chicory.


, Numb Restaurant brings modern Sichuanese cuisine to Singapore


Mains to go for include the house original Applewood Smoked Crispy Chicken, where chicken thighs are smoked with applewood before being roasted with tempeh and peanuts, Trendy Peking Duck in Spicy Stew, Mala Broth Boiled Seabass, and Classic Chengdu Seabass in Sour Pickled Soup for a tangy and appetite-whetting alternative.

Other reinvented classics to look forward to also include the Champion Beef and Mixed Veggies in Golden Spicy Sour Soup, Awesome Spicy Chilli Chicken with Fried Dough Twist, and refreshing Sweet and Sour Pork Fruit Platter on Ice, served with purple sweet potato, strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple.

House-made concoctions and unique blends at Numb Restaurant complement the gourmet experience and help to put out the fire. Have their Taro Sago in Fresh Coconut Water, Passionfruit Green Tea, aromatic Lychee with Cold Brew Jasmine Tea, or delightfully sweet Nourishing Pear Tea. There’s also an extensive range of wines, cocktails, and delicious craft beers from Singapore’s award-winning Brewlander brewery on tap to pair with your fiery dishes.


To find out more about his hot new concept, visit their website here.