Orchid Live Seafood presents all-new set menus for Chinese New Year 2023

Known for their authentic and nostalgia-inducing Teochew dishes, Orchid Live Seafood has never failed to leave diners satisfied and happy. Complemented by their warm service and cosy surrounds, the restaurant’s dedication to serving affordable, Teochew-style quality live seafood has won them much acclaim for more than two decades.

This year, they’re finally stepping in to join our Spring Festival celebrations with Chinese New Year menus that present all-new dishes, ushering in the Year of the Rabbit with all of us.


, Orchid Live Seafood presents all-new set menus for Chinese New Year 2023


Available from Jan 09 onwards, pick between the INDULGE and PREMIUM set menus that serve from 4 pax to 10 pax groups, so you don’t have to worry about the size of your reunion parties.

Along with these new menus, diners also get to enjoy their house-made Pencai and Yusheng platter for a year of good luck and prosperity. In a pot overflowing with irresistible goodness, find ingredients like 3-head abalones, sea cucumber, shark’s fin, fish maw, dried scallop, kampung chicken, roast pork, and live prawns in their mouth-watering Pencai. Yusheng options come with a choice of Abalone, Geoduck Sashimi, or Southern Australian Lobster.


, Orchid Live Seafood presents all-new set menus for Chinese New Year 2023


Have a reunion unlike any other with highlights on the menu that include soups like Braised Whole Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat elevated with a base pork bone broth, premium oceanic delights such as Braised Sea Cucumber with Live South African Abalones and Nai Bai, Scallops Served with Crab Roe and Broccoli, a whole HK Steamed Live Soon Hock with Superior Soy Sauce, and their signature Furong Steamed Southern Australian Lobster served on a bed of silky steamed egg and lobster roe.

Then there’s a Signature Platter to spread the joy of sharing a meal. Presenting a little something for every one, the platter serves up a refreshing Abalone Tofu Salad with sliced abalones and Thai chilli sauce, the house-marinated Steven Chicken wings, and delicious Ngoh Hiang meatrolls.

Then dig into a gratifying Five Treasure Lotus Leaf Rice with Crab Meat, where fragrant glutinous rice is folded in with dried mushrooms, premium dried scallops, lap cheong, salted egg, dried shrimp, and topped with crab meat.


Looking forward to dig in with your loved ones? Check out Orchid Live Seafood’s website here for more information and reservations.