Savour ox tongue specialties at the new Gyutan-Tan restaurant

For all gourmands in Singapore looking to uncover new experiences, here’s a treat for you: coming to Singapore for the first time ever, our very first gyutan specialty restaurant opens along the lively Tras Street. Dubbed Gyutan-Tan, the concept serves up an array of delicious ox tongue and binchotan-grilled specials.

Complementing the exceptional flavours that ox tongue offers, their finesse with the grill adds an added depth of aroma and charred smokiness. Decked in contemporary Japanese-Scandinavian décor, the warm and elegant restaurant invites us all to enjoy a unique experience with their affordable and exquisite menu.


, Savour ox tongue specialties at the new Gyutan-Tan restaurant


Showcased in various forms, the culinary team led by Head Chef Yoshiyuki Kuroshima masterfully singles out the best parts of their tender gyutan with every dish, highlighting the different experiences that parts of an ox tongue provide. On top of just gyutan, Gyutan-Tan also boasts a range of mouth-watering pork and chicken dishes that are equally unforgettable.

Find appetisers such as the thinly sliced Cold Roasted Gyutan Carpaccio with sweet balsamic glaze, Home-made Gyutan Gyoza, or have a refreshing Japanese Healthy Tuna Salad. Then move on to show-stopping mains like their Premium Gyutan Shabu-Shabu with an array of sauces, including the irresistible Momiji Oroshi Ponzu sauce, Japanese Dashi Chazuke with Gyutan Shigureni, and comforting Gyutan-Tan Ramen.


, Savour ox tongue specialties at the new Gyutan-Tan restaurant


If you’re looking for a quick meal, go for their selection of impressive lunch sets that all come with fluffy Mugimeshi (a mix of rice and barley). Choose from the Sumiyaki Gyutan Set with thin cuts of grilled gyutan, Sumiyaki Atsugiri Gyutan Set with premium thick cuts, the Sumiyaki Gyutan Combo Set for the best of both, and other char-grilled meats from chicken to striploin steak.

Their enchanting desserts are also not to be missed. End the experience on a sweet note with highlights like the Home-made Egg Pudding, Japanese Tiramisu Parfait, and gorgeous Strawberry Zenzai.


To find out more about this new dining experience, head over to Gyutan-Tan’s website here.