SENS Dining premieres stunning creations with new menu

How many of us can resist the incredible flavours and vibrant colours of Japanese cuisine? Indulging in exquisite Japanese offerings has always been one of our favourite pleasures – and presenting a refreshed experience for us is SENS Dining.

Presenting a brand new menu featuring innovative creations on top of their beloved signatures, the restaurant promises to invigorate our senses with their delicate repertoire of unique Japanese offerings.


, SENS Dining premieres stunning creations with new menu


Heavily built on the Japanese principles of seasonality and provenance, SENS Dining boasts some of the freshest produce in the country with 4 shipments of fresh cargo entering their kitchen every week. Diners also get to enjoy their culinary experience surrounded by the calming vibes of their two-storey unit, a stark contrast to the bustling crowd along Holland Village, where they’re conveniently located.

On top of their premium Japanese classics, the new menu premieres insta-worthy sharing sets perfect for intimate groups of 2 to 4 to enjoy. Other novel additions in the menu include their new Sushi Tacos, available in 5 flavours that come with ebi senbei prawn cracker shells. There’s Ebi with Tobiko, Tsubugai, Salmon Mentai, Negitoro, and Hotate Uni to dig into.


, SENS Dining premieres stunning creations with new menu


The star of the new menu is undoubtedly the stunning Yagura Ketsuga Sushi Box, only available in limited quantities daily. SENS Dining’s ultimate expression of culinary creativity, Yagura Ketsuga serves up a breathtaking combination of the freshest fish and seafood presented in a beautiful tower modelled after an ancient Japanese fortress. Separated tier by tier, the tower holds crispy seaweed for diners to create their own handrolls, uni, negitoro, ikura, and avocado, and a vibrant chirashi of scallops, salmon, tuna, and Hamachi atop sushi rice.

While there, don’t forget to check out SENS Dining’s Japanese whisky and cocktail bar, which showcases a wide selection of rare Japanese whiskies, Japanese culinary-inspired cocktails, and lesser-known sake from independent breweries.


In celebration of the new menu, head over to SENS Dining throughout the entire month of November to enjoy an exclusive 1-for-1 dine-in deal on their Tsubugai Taco, Negitoro Taco, and Salmon Mentai Taco.


Find out more about SENS Dining on their website here.