Sol & Ora pays tribute to Mediterranean cuisine and culinary traditions

From one of Singapore’s leading lifestyle and F&B brands, 1-Group once again pushes the boundaries of lifestyle destination choices with the new 1-Altitude Coast beachfront concept in Sentosa. Perched atop the newly-reopened Outpost Hotel Sentosa, 1-Altitude Coast boasts a rooftop bar and day club – complete with a barside pool – and the charming Sol & Ora restaurant.

Building on the success of Sol & Luna within CapitaSpring, Sol & Ora is a moving tribute to the Mediterranean way of life. Latin for “Sun” and “Shore”, Sol & Ora’s unique location evokes the Mediterranean like none other with its sweeping views of the open waters, above the sandy beaches of Sentosa.


, Sol & Ora pays tribute to Mediterranean cuisine and culinary traditions


Celebrating the “coastal way of life”, Sol & Ora is an all-day, all-occasion gastronomic destination featuring the region’s diverse traditions and culinary history with a fresh, produce-driven menu inspired by the Latin-Mediterranean countries of Italy, France, Spain, and Greece.

Showcasing timeless recipes reinvented with a touch of modern finesse, look forward to Italian elements like house-made and hand-crafted pastas and risottos, such as the Seafood Fregola and Sardinian Porcetto, light seafood dishes inspired by the French Riviera, the Brioche “Parker” Loaf and Artichoke Brie gratin, Spanish flavours in highlights like their La “Bomba” and Churros, and Greek selections of greens and herbs, including the classic Imam Bayildi and Vegetable Moussaka.

For a taste of all four countries, the Petite Meze presents a quintessential platter with whipped taramasalata, rosemary and sea salt feuille de brick, Spanish padron peppers, falafel, and Sicilian olives.


, Sol & Ora pays tribute to Mediterranean cuisine and culinary traditions


Early birds get to indulge in a delicious semi-buffet with classic brunch favourites, while those looking for a mid-day treat can go for the Sol & Ora High Tea Set.

Promising a day-to-night experience, don’t miss out on Sol & Ora’s artisanal cocktails, concocted to suit any occasion using blends of quality spirits, fresh herbs, fruits, spices, and house-infused syrups. Taking their cue from key ingredients native to the Latin-Mediterranean coasts, there’s the must-try Brise Côtière, Amalfi Afterglow, Summer Solstice, and A Night in Ibiza.


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