Soup Restaurant unveils new dishes with Chinese New Year menu

Known for their heart-warming, comfort food filled with the warmth and joy of our heritage, Soup Restaurant’s authentic and earnest cuisine joins us this Chinese New Year with festive offerings specially curated for the most unforgettable reunions meals with all our loved ones.

Unveiling new, auspicious dishes for a prosperous year ahead, their array of menu showcases both traditional and new dishes, put together in selections fit for everything from an intimate 2-pax date to 10-pax feasts.


, Soup Restaurant unveils new dishes with Chinese New Year menu


New this Lunar New Year, gather round with the family and toss to a better year with Soup Restaurant’s Baby Abalone & Salmon Yu Sheng with Citrus Sauce, featuring their very own citrus sauce made in-house with sweet and refreshing mandarin oranges and plums.

Then indulge in the innovative Abalone Collagen Treasure Pot with Cordyceps Flower pen cai, with ten layers of premium ingredients, including 10-head abalones, sea cucumber, fish maw, and roasted pork, in a rich collagen broth lightly infused with cordyceps flowers.

For more soupy goodness, there’s their Double Boiled Golden Chanterelle Mushroom Soup & Dried Scallop in Chicken Soup, an especially nutritious dish double boiled for over 4 hours and packed with antioxidants.


, Soup Restaurant unveils new dishes with Chinese New Year menu


Serving up a new Asian staple this CNY, the Double Happiness Sweet Potato Steamed Rice with Chinese Sausage steams fragrant Jasmine rice with both purple and golden sweet potatoes, adding their natural sweetness to the dish, perfectly complementing the smoky flavours of premium Chinese sausage.

A symbol of good luck and prosperity, the refreshing yuzu makes an appearance with the tender and uplifting Yuzu Pork Chop, alongside the perfect CNY treat in their light and floral Osmanthus Citrus Jelly.

Exquisitely crafted by hand, Soup Restaurant’s Mini Longevity Buns join adorable Bounty Twin Bunnies in a tribute to the Zodiac year, artfully hand-painted and filled with creamy red bean paste.


Find them all on the seasonal Joyous Set Menu and Prosperity Set Menu this CNY period.


For more information, head over to Soup Restaurant’s website here.