Sushi Tei’s latest Haru menu highlights the best of Spring in Japan

Trusted for their fresh produce and unwavering quality, homegrown Japanese sushi chain Sushi Tei has long been a go-to for foodies looking to indulge in bold renditions of authentic Japanese food. Keeping true to their mission of serving up exciting culinary experiences and skilfully curated flavours, the brand is back again with their latest seasonal menu.

Celebrating hope, harvest, and renewal, Sushi Tei invites us to bask in the joys of Spring with them as they present the new Haru menu, highlighting premium produce like the season’s Sakurai Dai, Satsuma Wagyu, and Shirakaba Pork.


, Sushi Tei’s latest Haru menu highlights the best of Spring in Japan


Feeding on a luxurious diet of cherry blossoms – the beautiful icon of Spring in Japan itself – the Sakura Dai from Iki Island grow up on the flowers of wild cherry blossom trees that land in the waters they inhabit, giving them that fresh and floral flavour they’re loved for. Enjoy the floral fragrance of Sakura Dai as sashimi slices, or go for the Sakura Dai & Hotate Carpaccio, pairing the fish with fresh scallops and pink pomelo garnish for an refreshing burst of flavours.

One of the top four beef brands in Japan, the exquisite Satsuma Wagyu was created by a group of 12 Master Wagyu Farmers. Handpicked from a breed of cattle raised on the island of Ibusuki, only 10% of the livestock passes the stringent selection to be labelled Satsuma Wagyu. Boasting superb texture and marbling, have the Truffle Satsuma Wagyu Steak for a taste of the striploin’s incredible flavour, elevated with truffle sauce.


, Sushi Tei’s latest Haru menu highlights the best of Spring in Japan


Another indulgent produce, Shirakaba Pork gets its name from the stress-relieving Shirakaba Tree. Raised in the cold climate of Hokkaido, the pigs enjoy a stress-free environment, giving their meat a delicious quality. They’re also a good source of iron and Vitamins B1, B2, and B6. Have it with the Shirakaba Buta Yaki Nabe, overflowing with Shirakaba pork belly alongside a medley of mushrooms, carrots, tofu and more.

Don’t forget to also go for other highlights on the Haru menu, including the Yuzu Kaisen Hiyashi Udon, Aburi Kaisen Inari Sushi, Kobashira Shoga Tempura, and amazing Ichigo Daifuku dessert, for a taste of Japan’s springtime produce.


For more information, head over to Sushi Tei’s website here.