Taste Paradise presents a new seasonal menu to mark the dawn of Spring

As one of Singapore’s leading Chinese restaurant brands, Taste Paradise has long cemented their place amongst the best fine Cantonese restaurants on the island. A heart-warming go-to for many foodies here, their exquisite offerings present flavours that are rich in authenticity and impressive in their mastery.

Marking the dawn of a new Spring season, Taste Paradise launches their latest seasonal menu, a limited-time medley of luxurious creations featuring prized ingredients from both the land and sea, only available from now till Apr 30.


, Taste Paradise presents a new seasonal menu to mark the dawn of Spring


True to Taste Paradise’s renowned finesse in fine Cantonese recipes, the new menu showcases decadent offerings that foodies will absolutely love.

Discover heart-warming highlights like a hearty Doubled-Boiled Black Chicken Soup with Sea Whelk and Sea Coconut, a nutritious pot of flavours that strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation, and regulates the digestive tract with black chicken that’s slow-cooked for over eight hours, fresh sea whelk, American ginseng, and wolfberries. Then dig into the punchy Steamed Coral Trout with Pickled Cabbage and Potato Vermicelli in Szechuan Style, prepared in convenient boneless fillets and steamed with authentic Szechuan peppercorn.


, Taste Paradise presents a new seasonal menu to mark the dawn of Spring


For more seafood indulgence, look to their Stir-fried Osmanthus Mussel with White Asparagus in Black Truffle Sauce, featuring the fragrance of Matsutake mushrooms and house-made black truffle sauce, accompanied with Chinese yam and fresh lily bulb petals, and the luxurious Boston Lobster Black Truffle Fried Rice with Sakura Shrimp, fried to smoky perfection with generous chunks of a whole Boston lobster, then enhanced with Sakura prawns, chopped asparagus, and diced fresh mushrooms for added depth and texture.

For a complete gastronomic journey with their new dishes, complement them perfectly with Taste Paradise’s signature Chilled Iceplant with Tangy Sesame Sauce, Classic XO Carrot Cake, and Chilled Aloe Vera and Lemongrass Jelly in Sour Plum and Lime Juice dessert for a delicate and uplifting finish.


To find out more about Taste Paradise, head over to their website here.