The JP Pepperdine Group celebrates CNY with unique fusion specials

Discover the best of East-meets-West cuisine this Lunar New Year as we prep our tummies for a season of delightful feasts, reunions, and gatherings with our favourite people. To welcome the Year of the Rabbit, the JP Pepperdine Group of restaurants is shaking things up with an exciting mix of offerings this year, marrying Jack’s Place favourites with traditional treats by Eatzi Gourmet.


, The JP Pepperdine Group celebrates CNY with unique fusion specials


Inspired by CNY must-haves and traditional flavours, the popular Jack’s Place Steakhouse and Restaurant serves up a Lunar New Year set meal that showcases a fusion of their signature Western dining with ingredients and seasoning familiar to the season.

Available on both the lunch and dinner menus, this season’s exclusive specials include a N.Z. Ribeye Steak with Abalone Sauce and Sliced Abalone, Barramundi Fillet with Ginger Plum Sauce and Golden Money Bag Dumpling, as well as a Chicken with Pineapple Marmalade and Yam Basket with Scallop for a meal that’ll satisfy all your loved ones regardless of their preferences.

Of course, no Chinese New Year celebration is complete without the customary tossing of Lou Hei for a year of prosperity and abundance ahead. Presenting Yu Sheng platters with a twist, toss to a greater year at Jack’s Place with their unique Fortune Toss Abalone Salad and Harvest Toss Seafood Salad.


, The JP Pepperdine Group celebrates CNY with unique fusion specials


Hosting your own party at home or in search of tasty gifts? Check out the group’s range of festive delights, starting with their crowd-favourite takeaway Roasts and Favourites. Look out for their classic Mushroom Soup, Roasted N.Z. Ribeye, and Fortune Smoked Salmon Yusheng to elevate your CNY dinner parties.

Other highlights you definitely do not want to miss are the innovative Hainanese Kaya Roll, Nanyang Kopi Roll, Rainbow Kueh Lapis, Lychee Pineapple Tarts, and the unforgettable Lychee Rose Roll.


To find out more about JP Pepperdine and their full range of Chinese New Year specials, head over to their website here.