The Pasta Project delivers fast and customised pasta to you

Now a global icon, pasta is enjoyed all over the world for its versatile flavour and straightforward pleasure. With the multitude of concepts available to us on this island, we’re definitely no stranger to pasta and the myriad of forms it takes. And what could be better than good pasta? Pasta that we actually get to fully customise according to our preferences and various moods.

A product of the chef’s deep passion for pasta, The Pasta Project aims to bring pasta to new heights by making it one of the most accessible culinary offerings with the introduction of their new concept.


, The Pasta Project delivers fast and customised pasta to you


Operating from Bistro Bytes i12 Katong and four other cloud kitchens across Singapore, fans and diners get to enjoy fresh and delicious pasta – made to their individual preferences – delivered right to their doorsteps. The best part of this new experience? It’s simple, completely fuss-free, and altogether affordable. If you’re out and crave a quick pasta fix, you even get to dine-in at Bistro Bytes i12 Katong.

The Pasta Project helps us build our own pasta with the three mushroom, tomato, and aglio olio bases, followed by the addition of a variety of toppings available to choose from, including chicken, beef meatballs and Bolognese, crab meat, tiger prawns, clam meat, squid rings, and produce such as cherry tomatoes, capsicum, black olives, shimeji mushroom, quail eggs, onsen eggs, anchovies and much more.

Sprinkle your customised pasta with choices of pine nuts, walnuts, fish roe, shaved parmesan, basil pesto, and tomato pesto to finish off.


, The Pasta Project delivers fast and customised pasta to you


For diners who prefer quicker options, The Pasta Project also features nine curated Chef’s Creations and House Signatures to go for. There’s the Easy Penne Arriabata, Wild Mushroom Penne, Fey’s Beef Bolognese, Grandma’s Project Meatballs Pasta, Crunchy Tiger Prawns Aglio Olio, The Ultimate Carbonara, Old Sichuan Mala Chicken Pasta, Garlicky Asian Seafood Linguine, and Fiery Pork Sausage Pasta. They also have choices of Garden Salad and Rocket Salad with Honey Balsamic Dressing for a touch of greens to complete your meal.

For fans of more decadent flavours, don’t forget to look out for the special The Pasta Project x Stacked section on the menu to enjoy artisanal sandwiches alongside your pasta.


Find out more about The Pasta Project via their Facebook page here.