The popular Jelebu Dry Laksa finds a permanent home at VivoCity

The pandemic saw the birth of home kitchens as we discovered the culinary talents hidden in our neighbourhoods – and now we can’t get enough of it. Thankfully, the buzzworthy Jelebu Dry Laksa, for one, now finds a permanent unit within Singapore’s largest mall.

, The popular Jelebu Dry Laksa finds a permanent home at VivoCity

Look forward to their signature Butter-Poached Whole Lobster Dry Laksa as well as the Grilled Tiger Prawn Dry Laksa. The addictive sauce, which captured the hearts of many Singaporeans during the lockdown, features Chef Renée’s fiercely guarded rempah recipe. The home-made sauce lends an explosion of flavours with each spoonful, and its irresistible  spice mix is absorbed just right by their springy rice noodles.

Nostalgia is her main ingredient as Chef Renée puts an experimental spin on familiar and approachable flavours. This is seen especially in the Scallop & Otah Pillow as well as the Duck Confit Teochew Braised Risotto.

The former, a classic Peranakan favourite now elevated with a rich scallop mousse, was inspired by Chef Renée’s late godfather who sold Otah in the early 2000s. As for the risotto, she takes notes from her grandmother’s cooking and serves it in a creamy rendition, with sous vide eggs instead of duck rice’s traditional braised eggs.


, The popular Jelebu Dry Laksa finds a permanent home at VivoCity


Be sure not to miss out on other signatures like the Cod Fillet with Assam Emulsion and Chef Renée’s childhood-favourite Marmite Brussels Sprouts, where deep-fried brussels sprouts are tossed in a marmite-spiked aioli before being topped with crispy enoki for extra crunch.

Then round off your meal with surprisingly light and refreshing Kaya Goreng, a sweet-ender with salted peanuts, coconut ice cream, and a kaya coconut mousse-filled charcoal cone.


To find out more about Jelebu Dry Laksa, find them on Facebook here.