Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku opens at JEWEL Changi Airport

Known for their quality Japanese offerings and convenient locations all over the island, EN Group’s chain of Japanese restaurants has helped us satisfy our cravings for over two decades now – and they’re definitely not resting on their laurels. Constantly striving to give us even more options, the group opens their newest concept, Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku at the iconic JEWEL Changi Airport, alongside Tempura Makino and Kiwami Ramen & Gyoza Bar.


, Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku opens at JEWEL Changi Airport


Listed in Hong Kong’s Michelin Guide in 2016 and 2017, Wa-En’s decade-long presence in Hong Kong has garnered much acclaim and recognition for their dedication to serving only the most exquisite of Wagyu dishes.

Using the highest quality meat, they directly import meats like the Miyazaki A4/5 Wagyu, ensuring that they’re able to provide consistent quality and the best prices for diners.

At the Singapore outlet, you’ll find the intimate Wa-En Bar at the entrance to the restaurant. The 9-seater space welcomes diners with their selection of wines, whiskeys, and craft cocktails, along with an indulgent menu of bar bites that feature Miyazaki beef items such as the Wagyu Tartare, Wagyu Foie Gras Tacos, and Wagyu Saikoro Steak with Cold Chawanmushi & Foie Gras. While there, don’t forget to have a go at the unique Miyazaki Wagyu Fat-washed Old Fashioned cocktail, garnished with a slice of Miyazaki wagyu itself.


, Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku opens at JEWEL Changi Airport


Amongst the highlights at Wa-En, you don’t want to miss out on their Luxury Wagyu Beef Platter with Miyazaki Wagyu Sirloin, Miyazaki Wagyu Ribeye, Deluxe Miyazaki Marbled Wagyu Karubi, and Premium Australian Thick-Cut Wagyu Beef Tongue. There’s also the Miyazaki A4/5 Wagyu Sashimi and unforgettable Morioka Cold Noodles.

Looking for a taste of something different while at it? Warm your hearts and tummies with Kiwami’s premium Lobster Laksa Ramen, Satay Gyoza, and Chilli Crab Gyoza for a different Japanese dining experience.


Head over to Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku’s website here to find out more about the new concept.