Checkpoint Theatre kicks off 2024 season with ‘Secondary: The Musical’

, Checkpoint Theatre kicks off 2024 season with ‘Secondary: The Musical’

Do you remember your secondary school days – or would you rather not? For many adults, some of the most emotional and impactful memories are formed during that time. 

Checkpoint Theatre highlights those seminal years in an original new presentation called Secondary: The Musical by multi-hyphenate artist weish. The playwright-composer and musical director previously presented The Music of Checkpoint Theatre (2021), Displaced Persons’ Welcome Dinner (2019), and Two Songs and a Story (2020).

multi-hyphenate artist weish
Multi-hyphenate artist weish

Secondary, which will run from Apr 19 to 28 at the Victoria Theatre, features weish’s distinctive new songs in an attempt to create “an unconventional musical that explores a variety of styles” that also retains her signature voice.

The musical showcases the unique struggles and triumphs of Singapore teachers and students, and questions what happens when life is dictated by a final grade. 

, Checkpoint Theatre kicks off 2024 season with ‘Secondary: The Musical’

For teacher Lilin, the school term is shaping up to be anything but smooth-sailing. She has to navigate the inner workings of Huxley Secondary School, staffroom politics, the dilemmas of doing right by her students, and the real-world implication of meritocratic ideals. Meanwhile, battle-worn Secondary Threes are trying to handle the challenges in school and at home with bravery and grace.

Under the direction of Huzir Sulaiman, Secondary: The Musical features an ensemble cast of Adeeb Fazah, Audrey Luo, Ethel Yap, Genevieve Tan, Joshua Lim, Krish Natarajan, Nadya Zaheer, Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai, Shahid Nasheer, Teoh Jun Vinh, Tiara Yap and Tricia Tan.

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