Quaich Bar Wanderlust takes us on a journey around the world

Introducing bespoke experiences for all lovers of craft cocktails and fine spirits, Quaich Bar Wanderlust at InterContinental Singapore takes patrons on a journey around the world with their whimsical setting and extensive menu of drinks and sharing plates inspired by cultures from all around the world.

With similar flair and finesse, this latest incarnation of Quaich (pronounced “Quake”) Bar follows the success of its outlets at Waterfront Plaza and South Beach, setting out to bring Singapore’s whisky culture to greater heights – but with a distinct difference this time: Wanderlust is a distinct hangout space that features a refined amalgamation of a whisky house and cocktail bar.


, Quaich Bar Wanderlust takes us on a journey around the world


Surrounded by retro-luxe cabin-like booth seats, gilded cabinets, and graceful chandeliers, their playful and easy-going vibes shine through with curated selections of whiskies and cocktails suitable for all levels of drinkers. Taking cues from the world map, their globe-trotting menu lists 19 signature concoctions that showcase flavours from different parts of the world, elevated with house infusions, homemade syrups, and bar-made bitters.

For something truly unique to start, go for the Miyeok Guk, a savoury concoction with Ottogi seaweed washed vodka, makgeolli, citric acid, and drops of sesame oil, or have a taste of Mexico with Jorge Smith’s Jalapeño-infused vodka, ginger syrup, and bitter lemon. Presenting a citrusy spin on Thai milk tea, the Sawajito presents incorporates Mojito flavours with Cha Yen-steeped rum, peppermint syrup, calamansi cordial, fresh thai basil, and soda.


, Quaich Bar Wanderlust takes us on a journey around the world


Other highlights to go for include the fresh and floral Roses Are Red, Grapes Are Green with three different gins, the Carribean-inspired Ai Cai with a trio of rums, spirit-forward Teagroni with a complex blend of gin, Masala Chai-steeped vermouth, Génépi Liqueur, and Cherry Heering, and the refreshing Triple Happiness, a Chinese twist on the classic Whisky Sour with Dried Prune-infused Bourbon and a citrus blend from red dates and Ginseng syrup.

Pair your drinks with delicious bites such as their succulent Grilled Octopus Leg, Seared Hokkaido Scallops, and Hakka-styled Nan Lu Pork Belly, or indulge in lighter – but equally unforgettable – plates of Fried Oysters and Fried Brussels Sprouts.


To find out more about Quaich Bar Wanderlust, head over to their website here.