What to watch on Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO GO, Netflix and Prime Video this March 2024


More series and movies to keep our eyes glued to whatever screen we’ve chosen.

New on Apple TV+:
Palm Royale

If you miss Mad Men and secretly wished it had been a comedy, this may be for you. An adaptation of Juliet McDaniel’s Mr and Mrs American Pie, the 10-part Palm Royale follows Maxine Simmons (Kirsten Wiig), a beauty pageant queen who marries up and tries to break into 1960s Palm Beach high society where the line between the haves and the have-nots is sharper than black eyeliner and winged upper lids.  

Co-starring Allison Janney, Laura Dern, Ricky Martin, Amber Chardae Robinson, Mindy Cohn, Carol Burnett, and Bruce Dern (Dern’s father) it asks the same question that still baffles many here and around the world today: How much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice to get what someone else has? Premieres Mar 20.



This limited series is portrayed as a conspiracy thriller about one of history’s most well-known but least understood crimes. An adaptation of James L. Swanson’s nonfiction bestseller Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer, Manhunt follows Lincoln’s Secretary of War and good friend Edwin Stanton’s search for John Wilkes Booth after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865. Tobias Menzies plays Stanton who leads the charge against one of the most famous assassins in American history. Anthony Boyle portrays John Wilkes Booth. Premieres Mar 15.


New on Disney+:
Wonderful World

Starring veteran actress Kim Nam-Joo and up-and-coming actor Cha Eun-woo, revenge drama series Wonderful World relays the story of Eun Soo-hyun, a successful female professor of psychology and writer whose life unravels after her son is murdered. Driven to despair, she becomes consumed by revenge. Cha portrays Gwon Seon-yul, a medical school dropout who bonds with Soo-hyun over their similar traumas. Premiered Mar 1

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version)

If you have post-concert depression, this may put that zing back in your step. Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version) is an extended version of her blockbuster concert film. For the first time, it features four additional acoustic songs and Cardigan from the singer’s 2020 album Folklore that were not included in the theatrical or digital releases. The ground-breaking concert film, directed by Sam Wrench, grossed more than US$260 million (S$ 349.4 million) globally at the box office, making it the best-selling concert film in history. Premieres Mar 15.


New on HBO GO:
The Regime

Featuring Kate Winslet, Matthias Schoenaerts, Guillaume Gallienne, Andrea Riseborough, Martha Plimpton, and Hugh Grant, The Regime is an HBO original limited series that tells a darkly comedic story of life in an authoritarian regime that begins to unravel. Winslet plays the chancellor of a fictional European country that is crumbling around her as she scrambles to keep power. Expect plenty of witty and scathing one-liners. Premieres Mar 4.


Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant

Here’s one for the guys. Informed by the collective experiences of interpreters and soldiers in the war in Afghanistan, Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant is a survival war drama that follows US Army Sergeant John Kinley (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Afghan interpreter Ahmed (Dar Salim), who goes to Herculean lengths to save Kinley after an ambush. Kinley returns to the war zone to retrieve Ahmed and his family before the Taliban hunt them down after learning they were not given safe passage to America as promised. Also starring Antony Starr, Fariba Sheikhan, and Emily Beecham. Premieres Mar 23.



Bloody good fun, that’s what this movie is. Based on the characters from Bram Stoker’s novel, the movie is a comedic twist about the toxic co-dependency between a vampire and his henchman. Stars Nicholas Hoult, Awkwafina and Nicolas Cage as Dracula. Premieres Mar 30.


New on Netflix:

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown plays a different kind of damsel, one who may be in distress but doesn’t require a handsome prince to come to her rescue. A twist on your typical fairy tale, Elodie must rely solely on her wits to survive after being thrown into a cave with a fire-breathing dragon.

3 Body Problem

A fictional story about Earth encountering aliens orbiting three sun-like stars takes place in the eight-episode 3 Body Problem. Based on Cixin Liu’s trilogy with the same title, it spans continents and timelines, from China’s cultural revolution to Oxford and the United Nations in New York. The story begins in 1960s China with a fateful decision made by a young woman. As the laws of nature unravel before their eyes, brilliant scientists join forces with an unexpected detective to confront mankind’s greatest threat. Stars include Benedict Wong, Jess Hong, Jovan Adepo, Eiza González, and John Bradley. Premieres Mar 21.

The Gentlemen

Audiences experience a slice of the world first brought to life in Guy Ritchie’s 2020 film of the same name. The characters are different, but the series has the same bite. Theo James plays Eddie Horniman, the heir to an English aristocrat’s estate – only to discover it’s part of a weed empire in London’s East End run by the ruthless and effortlessly fashionable daughter Susie (Kaya Scodelario) of career criminal Bobby Glass (Ray Winstone). As other criminals from Britain’s underworld also want a piece of the action, Eddie tries to play the gangsters at their own game. Will he survive? Tune in to find out. Premieres Mar 7.

New on Prime Video:
Hope On The Street

More than 240 countries and territories will have access to J-hope of BTS’ docuseries Hope On The Street, with fresh episodes available every Thursday and Friday. In his 12th year since his debut,J-hope begins a new journey by returning to his dance roots. Accompanied by his former instructor, popping champion Boogaloo Kin, he explores the streets of Gwangju, Osaka, Paris, New York, and Seoul, meeting inspiring street dancers. Follow him as he pursues a dream connecting his past, present and future, and look forward to songs from his special album Hope On The Street, Vol 1Premieres Mar 28.



Starring Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo, this charming and sensual biopic chronicles her life and marriage, which were turbulent and unflinchingly open. From her crippling injury in a bus accident to her enduring relationship with her mentor and husband Diego Rivera (Alred Molina) to her illicit affair with Leon Trotsky (Geoffrey Rush), and romantic entanglements with women, Kahlo channelled her whole existence into her work. FYI: Kahlo’s  niece was so impressed, she gave Hayek one of Kahlo’s necklaces. Also starring Antonio Banderas, Ashley Judd, and Edward Norton. Premieres Mar 14,