What to watch on Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO GO, Netflix, and Prime Video this May 2024

, What to watch on Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO GO, Netflix, and Prime Video this May 2024
The 8 Show

Start bingeing on the latest streaming offerings highlighted here. From sci-fi to coming-of-age flicks, it’s set to be another entertaining month.


New on Apple TV+:
Dark Matter

This eight-episode twisted sci-fi thriller created by Blake Crouch, based on his 2016 novel of the same name, revolves around Jason Dessen (Joel Edgerton), a former quantum mechanics physicist turned college professor who is abducted and forced into alternate lives. One life, in particular, takes a very dark path. To prevent the swapped version of him from harming his wife and son, he must return to his original life while being pursued by a very familiar foe. Jennifer Connelly, Alice Braga, and Jimmi Simpson also star in the series, which launches with two episodes for its debut. Premieres May 8


Trying (Season 4)

In the fourth season of Trying, the first two episodes will run back-to-back, followed by new episodes every Wednesday through July 3. The story fast-forwards six years to reveal Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall) have developed an support network for their little nuclear family. However, when their teenage daughter, Princess (Scarlett Rayner), yearns for contact with her birth mother, the couple finds themselves faced with the ultimate parenting challenge. Premieres May 22


New on Disney+:
Star Wars: Tales of the Empire

Taking place during different eras, the six-episode Star Wars: Tales of the Empire presents a journey into the fearsome Galactic Empire through the eyes of two warriors on divergent paths. Having lost everything, Morgan Elsbeth (Diana Lee Inosanto) is now on a path of vengeance, while Barriss Offee (Meredith Salenger) is doing what she can to survive in a rapidly changing galaxy. They will be defined by the choices they make. Premieres May 4

Monsters at Work (Season 2)

Monsters at Work might seem like a kids’ show, but its wit and fun factor make it a winner with adults, too. In Season 2, Tylor Tuskmon (Ben Feldman) graduates top of his class at Monsters University but finds that Monsters, Inc doesn’t want Scarers anymore. He is temporarily assigned to the Facilities Team where he works on becoming a Jokester. When the doors of opportunity unexpectedly open at rival energy company FearCo., his co-workers question his loyalty. Tylor must discover where he belongs as his Laugh Floor partnership with Val Little (Mindy Kaling) is pushed to the brink. Premieres May 5

New on HBO GO:
Turtles All The Way Down

, What to watch on Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO GO, Netflix, and Prime Video this May 2024

Based on John Green’s novel of the same name, the movie follows 16-year-old Aza Holmes (Isabela Merced), who struggles with anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder while trying to be a good daughter, friend, and student. After reconnecting with her childhood crush, she works through her mental illness and embarks on a quest to track down a fugitive billionaire with her friend Daisy (Cree Cicchino). Expect plenty of surprises and twists. Premieres May 2

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School

, What to watch on Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO GO, Netflix, and Prime Video this May 2024

Following the harrowing events of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, the Pretty Little Liars must now face summer school. But Millwood High isn’t the only thing standing in their way of fun summer jobs and dreamy love interests. A new villain arrives in town to test all of them in this drama series, which debuts with two episodes. It stars Bailee Madison, Chandler Kinney, Zaria, Malia Pyles, and Maia Reficco. Premieres May 9 

New on Netflix:

Jennifer Lopez takes on the role of Atlas Shepherd, a brilliant, but misanthropic data analyst who distrusts artificial intelligence, On a mission to capture a renegade robot, she allies with technology to save humanity from AI. The movie is written by Leo Sardarian and Aron Eli Coleite, and directed by Brad Peyton. Lopez stars alongside Sterling K. Brown, Simu Liu, Gregory James Cohan, Abraham Popoola, Lana Parrilla, and Mark Strong. Premieres May 24


Bridgerton: Season 3 Part 1

More surprises and swoons are in store for this highly anticipated new season. Cue drama around wallflower Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and long-time crush, world traveller Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton). There may be more than a friendship brewing between #Polin, as fans have nicknamed them. Other Bridgerton faces also return, including Luke Thompson (Benedict Bridgerton), Golda Rosheuvel (Queen Charlotte), Adjoa Andoh (Lady Danbury), and Hannah Dodd (Francesca Bridgerton). Daniel Francis is introduced as the charismatic newcomer Marcus Anderson, James Phoon as the dashing Harry Dankworth; and Sam Phillips as Lord Debling, a new suitor for Penelope. Premieres on May 16 with two batches of four episodes. Part 2 arrives on Jun 13


The 8 Show

Like Squid Game, except it’s not. Inspired by the popular webtoon Money Game, The 8 Show follows eight individuals who find themselves trapped in a mysterious eight-storey building to participate in a tempting but dangerous show with a final goal to walk away with as much money as possible – and survive. It stars Ryu Jun-yeol, Chun Woo-hee, Park Jeong-min, Lee Yul-eum, Park Hae-joon, Lee Zoo-young, Moon Jeong-hee and Bae Seong-woo. Premieres May 17


New on Prime Video:
The Idea Of You

It’s a tantalising fantasy for music lovers – to be a massive musical festival only to have a popular band’s lead singer hit on you. Well, it happens to Anne Hathaway as a divorced 40-year-old single mum who begins a whirlwind romance with a 24-year-old lead singer of a popular boy band (Nicholas Galitzine) after a chance encounter with him at Coachella. The May-December rom-com is an adaptation of Robinne Lee’s 2017 debut novel. Premieres May 2

American Fiction

Director and writer Cord Jefferson won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay from Percival Everett’s 2001 novel Erasure. Thelonious “Monk” Ellison (Jeffrey Wright), an English literature professor, gets frustrated when publishers stop buying his highbrow books in favour of stereotypically Black fare. As a retaliation, he writes a “Black book” packed with stereotypes as a joke, which becomes an instant hit. Premieres May 14